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Gran Turismo 5: Waiting for GT5 Release Is Good – For Who?

I would be the first person to agree that the Gran Turismo 5 story could be made into a movie, it has been a long road that will soon end with a release of the game, yes it really will. This trip has included a lot of news, rumor and far-fetched stories.

From the GT5 being restricted by the PS3’s power to interviews with Kazunori Yamauchi about GT5, and impressive videos to rumors about GT6 already, but all we really want is the GT5 disc in our PlayStation 3’s.

So when we saw a story today on, which said “Gran Turismo 5: Why Waiting Is Good” we were shocked, good for who? The consumer may expect so much from GT5 that it cannot meet them expectations, so its certainly not good for the GT5 fan (unless it blows us away after all these years of wait).

Have a read of the article on The Sixth Axis; it’s an interesting read and one that explains that it is good to wait for GT5, but maybe for all the wrong reasons. How has your GT5 wait been? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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  • Fishy Ferrari

    I feel your pain Dipes^^ 🙂 ive got the official gt drivng force wheel and have been playing the prologue… the gameplay is amazing!. If any one has not got one then I would highly recommend getting a good force feedback wheel. (providing you have a good place to set it up) I hope it comes out before christmas but if it is not ready then it is simply not ready. I know its infuriating but some of the best games of all time have had big delays, Goldeneye and Zelda: ocarina of time spring to mind.

  • Dirty_Dipes

    For me, this wait had been good for the past year, considering I had purchased a g25 and prologue to hold my nerves down. I must say though, eversince before I could afford the ps3 I marveled over the idea of possesing GT5 ( back in 07). And so at times I was frustrated with how long it had been in development with little leak. All in all I knew it was for good reason.

    But come summer 2010, during e3, Gt revealed their slated release date. I was so stoked. I feel that come October their delay felt like betrayal. And so I must say that since October the wait for the beloved gt5 to come out is more agonizing than pulling teeth.

  • xVIDAx

    Finally is going to be released soon.

    I have no problem waiting this masterpiece. Better a good game in development than a rushed development (which I had experience in different titles for PC, PS3 and Xbox).

    And it makes sense why GT5 took long time in development, the quantity and quality is tremendous, raising the bar in a lot of ways.

  • joshua

    my wait has been painful, to say the least. worth it all the same, but painful none the less. much like the boyfriend that is battered by his vindictive female friend, so to has been my heart by the shattered promises of Kazunori Yamauchi and his team of developers. i know that when, at last the disc is in my hand, then and only then can my heart begin to mend. I know that when it's done, that greatness it will be, but no longer they toy with my emotions, lest my mind be fought with unparalleled peril

  • GT5 Critic

    Nothing is perfect, especially this game. Proving this point, in a recent interview Kazunori Yamauchi was asked if there will be engine swaps available, which he replied NO that is not possible. I don't know about you, but in my opinion, GT series tries to portray that it is the best out there. Forza has engine swaps on their game and it is in no way perfect. How can GT5 be considered perfect when something like Forza (which IMHO is inferior) has this option and GT5 doesn't?! Is this game only considered to be perfect in their eyes? Because of their perfection hype, I think Polyphony has backed themselves into a spot lighted corner where their reputation will be on the line, and I hope this a make or break point in their future.

  • richard

    Im not buying this now, they are a joke!!!

  • Jordan Dyckes

    GT5 !!! Looks mintage (Yes a new word !!! for THE BEST GAME EVER !!!) I've been pushed about with false hopes from the developers, and felt let down and then picked right back up again every time a new release date is given, and it's not much longer to go…

  • James

    I don't mind waiting for the greatest racing game ever made and i'm sure it will still blow me away. I don't mind waiting if it's worth it.

  • Defkid

    I’m not a big video game fan, after my dreamcast became obsolete, i stopped playing and lost interest. After my best friend told me about GT, i decided to at least do some research. Being a car guy i was a bit skeptical, but after i read the reviews and played a demo, i was hooked! Needless to say I purchased a ps1 and was on my way back into the world of video games. When the franchised moved to ps2, so did I. When It was announced that GT5 would be ready for the ps3 launch, I was exited… then disappointed. Then excited again… only to be disappointed again. The cycle has been repeated time and time again. Even though, I’ve been waiting for what seems like an eternity, I’m still excited for GT5. Hopefully, we’ll be playing GT5 by Christmas. In the meantime, I’ll be able to dedicate some time to black ops, so I guess this slight delay will be good me!

  • alan

    i hope that gt5 will be out soon but its good that they are delaying itbecause kaz wants to make sure that the game is not missing things

  • John Johnson

    My wait has been so long I've lost interest in the game, canceled my pre-order and chosen to never buy or play the game due to the irresponsible way Polyphony digital chose to string us around for years by stating one false release date after another knowing full well they wouldn't be able to fulfill it.

    • Husky_GT

      Don´t lie to yourself… You know you´ll buy it as soon as it releases (if it does). And when "it does," you will enjoy it like no other game you´ve played. I´m pissed also because of all the bull* from PD and Sony, but I know that when I have it in my hands, I will forget I was ever waiting for it. 😉

    • Zeke

      You do realize that GT5 only had one release delay right? If you are so gullible and naive to believe the "PLACEHOLDER" dates that shops like Gamestop shove out, then you are horribly misinformed. North America's only release date was November 2nd of this year.

      A placeholder date is a date that shops use in order to allow players to preorder. Placeholder dates are not official, just guessed dates by the retailer so that preorders don't get dropped or lost. A date is NEVER official unless it comes from PD/SONY's mouths. Same issue with right now, Gamestop has a placeholder date of january 1st 2011. This date isn't official, they just added that because if they got rid of a release date, peoples preorders would be lost.

      Next time, before accusing PD/SONY of lying about release dates, get your facts straight and learn the difference between "OFFICIAL" release dates, and "PLACEHOLDER" release dates.

      • John Johnson

        Yes I do know the difference between placeholder dates and 'official' release date. Numerous idiots from Polyphony and Sony have over the years lead us on a rope and string stating the game would be out this summer, then this fall, then this spring, then this holiday season etc etc. Most notable of these was the developer himself stating the game was "basically finished" and they could release it whenever they wanted. This statement was said in 2008 or early 2009.

        I'm speculating but I believe the main reason GT5 on the PS3 is taking so long after the Prologue is because they spent their time making it for the PSP and really didn't begin legitimate work on this game till maybe mid or late 2009.

        And to Husky-GT, no I will never buy or play GT5, I'm one of those rare people who still does exactly as they say. I realize me not purchasing the game makes no difference in the grand scheme of things but I don't care. It's important to me to personally boycott this game and I won't be buying it as a present for anyone this Christmas anymore. Sucks for them but oh well. Be glad though it will be one more purchase in out there for all of you to kill yourselves over.

      • Mike T.

        Correction, a date is never official until SONY says so, the guy above was NOT going off the "PLACEHOLDER" date, he was going off of POLYPHONY DIGITAL's release date. Understand that PD HAS implied numerous release dates. If acting by their own motto for "perfection" they should not imply anything unless they are 99% sure, otherwise (however may foolish it may be) consumers WILL take PD's word for it, thus leaving the consumer feeling let down and lied to when PD doesn't follow through.

  • ImpatientFool

    I'l see whether the wait was worth it or not when the game is in my hands, hopefully by christmas.

  • Stevo

    My wait has been incredible! I have quite a lot of faith in the GT series, and this game has slowly shown to meet all of my personal, silent speculations (like trading modded cars, dents and scratches+, grime and weather effects, possibility for super bikes, etc). That entire mini list I just mentioned was something I was running through my head every once in a while as a "wouldn't it be great…?" fantasy list – and the developers included all of it! I remember buying my ps3 way back in February 2008, going into the game store and asking, "Hey, so when's GT5?" Of which, the response was, "Soon, man! Real soon!" I've been waiting long and patiently, and I cannot wait to finally get behind the wheel in this game!


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