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Gran Turismo 5: UK / US Release Date Delay – Reasons Why

Just when you thought the Gran Turismo 5 delays were well and truly over, Sony and Polyphony Digital have just dropped a bombshell, by announcing that the PS3 title will not make the November 2nd launch date.

As reported from VG247, the release delay affects gamers in the US, UK and also Japan too, so it is obviously something pretty major for the team to delay it in all regions.

As for the official statement from Sony, well read it in full below for yourself:

“We sincerely apologize to GT fans for the delay, however, creator Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital want to make certain they are creating the perfect racing experience, and we are confident that this ambitious game will exceed expectations when it launches.”

For the many that have already pre-ordered this game, we can’t imagine how you are feeling right now, especially considering the previous delays for the game. We’ve said it before, and we’ll remind you again – which big name game doesn’t get delayed for ‘quality reasons’ these days?

The good news however, is that the game will still be releasing before the end of the year, as according to Sony, it will now release sometime during the Christmas period. What are your initial thoughts on this? Are you extremely angry about this or not? You can read more on the official PS Blog here.

Written by Alan Ng

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  • angryman

    They (the developers) need to realise this is only a game, if I wanted a real driving experience I'd just go to a track day and drive the real thing.Pull your finger out and stop aiming for perfection, true fans are still going to buy the game anyway.

  • boomer9

    what a joke!!
    ive had mine pre orderd since chritsmas eve 2009 and since then ive heard of 4 maybe 5 different release dates due to the idiots making the game not wanting to compete with CoD ,they cant have much faith in their game can they!

  • simey33

    boycott gran turismo for 24 hours when released in the uk!/home.php?sk=g

  • FATmike

    WTF? this is not even a joke been waiting too long i like the bike version 'tourist trophy' guess i wont ever see that any time soon either! you better be able to paint the cars in monster energy or relentless red bull like you can on forza 3 or ill b going back to xbox to play

    • Bubble

      Well disappointed!!

      I’m not cancel my order but I’m proper pissed about the delay.

      I’ve been one of the faithful from the GT series start and this won’t sway my faith, may even re-enforce it.

      I guess we won’t know for a while whether or not it was a CoD thing or a CODE thing that has held the game up and I, for one, don’t really give a s**t any way, I just want the game!!!

  • Phantom

    UNFORGIVABLE? Depends what they're adding! Been a fan since the original GT on PS1, and have GT5 on pre-order for over 12 months now!

    I can forgive them for delays to add usable content (NASCAR, WRC, damage, etc).

    But if they're faffing about with things like 3D compatibility or next gen controllers, then I find this unacceptable! Better to reserve that to GT6 for PS4 surely!!!

    Also reckon they should concentrate on maximizing tracks, cars, & damage – and less on the boring licence tests! After all, I think most people prefer the actual racing, rather than enduring several levels of driving test!!!

    I don't do online racing either, so that content will be completely wasted on me too!

  • liew

    will cancle my pre-order.

  • Potato

    I wonder if they've ever heard of patches… Cancelled my preorder 🙂 All this delay because they don't want to compete with CoD.

  • Standard

    Im looking forward to this but they are pissing fans off. To make people wait, then wait, then wait again they better have made truely the greatest racing game of all time. If it turns out to be just an anal bore fest full of people with 'rigs' it will flop. It needs to be fun and engaging in equal parts.

    I'll still buy it though. Been waiting toooo long. 😉

  • GT Fan

    Being a long term GT fan, ever other game has been delayed from it's original release date so this doesn't come as a surprise!

  • nathan

    whot a joke iv preordered the game for the 5th of november and no they wont to delay it even more i might as well buy an xbox becouse there vershon is alredy out

    • Marc

      There version is already out? if you are refering to forza 3 dont even bother lol that is no contest, and if you think there is a version of GT out on the xbox you need to go back to gaming academy!

  • ace

    im very angry as i literelly pre ordered mine yesterday after doing a brief search and finding no news of a delay.

    i dont get why they would delay it at this point it obviously works 99% or time on all systems or itwoulnt be this far into the launch stage so its got to be a bug that they could have fixed with an update. that said 2 reason not to do that is not everyone can or wants to update there games online so for them the bug would be a big issue and also the worse reputation they would get while the update was being made for releasing a game soo delayed yet still had issue(s).

    i understand why they have these delays when they find a bug i guess but i dont understand why they anounce a release before being 0100% sure its bug free then spend the few months waiting for launch to add a couple more cars or something.

    as long as its out before christmas i guess i can forgive them…kinda but if its not out before then its looking alot like Duke nukem forever constant Bull***t about releases that never come.

  • Andy M

    I can't believe this, what a joke!!

    They should just chose a realistic set of features and deliver them in a realistic time frame, rather than keeping on moving the goal-posts!!

    They really need to be a bit smarter about releasing more iteratively, adding features and bulking the game up with more content year on year. I'm astonished that they didn't bother adding more tracks to GT5 Prologue, and charging some extra money for it. I'd be happy with that, it drives really well, just the list of tracks is very limited. Instead, we have to wait around for years for the next monolithic release.

  • Dave

    Ahh.. Now we can finally get realistic damage on every car right? As much delay as this has been Towards everyone. I think we deserve this in return


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