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Gran Turismo 5: Sony Confirm Release Date To Retailers

The confusion over the release date for GT5 continues to baffle all of us, but we have just had word that Sony has officially confirmed to retailers via its official Indian distributor the final release date for the game.

According to an article over at Indian Video Gamer, Sony has told their official Indian distributor that Gran Turismo 5 has a confirmed release date of November 24.

GameZen, a Bangalore-based retailer recieved the release date information via the distributor Milestone Interactive, who then took to the vendors’ section of the IVG forums and posted the information for the world to see. Milestone have since contacted GameZen, and have told them to wait until they start taking pre-orders.

India is part of the SCEE territory, which would seem as though the November 24 date suggested could also align alongside the same dates for a European and Middle East release.

The November 24 date has been brought up in the past, heck all sorts of dates have been penciled in since we were told GT5 was being stamped, but this seems as though this will be the most solid release date information we will get until Sony start sending out their official press releases.

Do you think the November 24 date is now the one to look out for? Are you happy that it could be released on November 24 or were you looking forward to another date? Maybe this will deter some of you from trying to find the leaked version.

Source: Indian Video Gamer

Written by Jamie Pert

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  • Mechwarrior Bean

    Look up interviews with Kaz-san about the NASCAR thing. He wanted to add it because it is held so dear by so many American hearts (i still think it sucks. Give me F1 or give me death). The game is just as much about car culture as it is about racing. And since EA dropped NASCAR, I can see it attracting a few more buyers.
    Regardless, it will be a good game. Even if its not TEH B3ST!!!! it will still be the best arcade sim on the PS3. If/when turn 10 gets purchased by Activision or EA, then we can debate on who's better.

  • Maxwell

    Seriously. Why can't they just give us a release date. The Prologue came out over two years ago, I think its about time for the whole game now. And NASCAR? Really? Who actually cares about NASCAR? They already make NASCAR games. Sony has gotten themselves into a pickle.


    Just like the JAPS another sneak attack!!!!!!!!!! It probably took less time to figure out
    HOW TO BOMB PEARL HARBOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thier probably going to release it on
    DECEMBER 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    THE JAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Onit

    I sort of agree with the guys who posted above. I'm anticipating GT5 as much as anyone, but honestly couldn't care less about the addition of Nascar. I can understand the "all encompassing" aspect of including all types of racing in the game to increase sales, which HAS to be the reasoning. I guess you'll sell a few more copies to Nascar fans who wouldn't have otherwise bought the game.

    I just want to play….

    I pre-ordered 4-months ago… Can Haz now please?! Kthx!

  • P.S

    So why is NASCAR in GT5? i thought GT5 was supposed to be a good game

  • toyotatec

    @454bigblock…ea dropped nascar like 2 seasons ago bud lol…

  • 454 BIG BLOCK

    I am torn whether or not i am going to boycott purchasing this game. I'll rent it first to see if the constant delays, and 5 years of waiting is worth my $70. This game better be F*#KING amazing. The thing I don't understand is the NASCAR addition??? is it really going to make this game more enjoyable? Or is the only use for it is the online play? I mean, if I wanted to play online NASCAR wouldn't I go out and buy EA NASCAR 2010/2011.

    • 908 BIGGER BLOCK

      Er, no, because EA NASCAR is a pile of crap.

  • Demon

    cannot wait to smoke some people online….about time this game came out!!

  • James

    24th is fine with me!!!

  • Shane

    i'm thinking the 23rd for the US since it's a tuesday and that's typically the release dates. Also, amazon has the track guide released on the 23rd of nov too. Don't they usually release these together.

  • Snaghead


  • Vettehead

    We're talking 2010, right?

  • Bob Sinclaire

    Yes, I can confirm this date to be true for UK release as I just spoke to my brother who is finalizing the advertising campaign. Before anyone says that a Wednesday is not they typical day for new releases….this is exactly why they doing it! Think about it.

  • Husky_GT

    Yes I wanted a different date. A YEAR AGO!

  • George

    Nov. 24th? So probably Nov. 23th in North America. I don't know, I sure hope it's true. But I hate to get my hopes up.

  • Bob Dole

    I hope it really does come out on the 24th, I couldn't bear seeing it slip into next year 🙁

    • nainikhil

      I pre-ordered collector edition today 🙂


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