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Gran Turismo 5: Release Date Pushed Back To November 26?

The speculation continues to mount over the release date and launch of Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3, with Sony listing on their website that the game wont come out in Italy, Germany, Sweden and France for another two days.

It’s worth checking your regional Sony website for confirmation, but at the time of writing it seems as though GT5 is still projected to come out on November 24, as originally stated.

The speculation only seems to be affecting Europe at this point, with a release still intended in the US for November 24 too.

Sony have since come out to challenge the rumors, and say that the much-delayed Gran Turismo 5 speculation regarding the pushed back date are not true, according to Kotaku. When Sony were challenged with the question, they simply replied “We’ve announced the date as the 24th and have not changed that at all.

Keep your hats on ladies and gentlemen, it seems as though GT5 will come out on November 24 after all. Even though it does seem as though some lucky gamer has got his hands on one already.

Will you be buying Gran Turismo 5?

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Written by Jamie Pert

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  • Rob

    Damage model, check. NASCAR series without EA’s tainted touch, check. 1000+ cars, check. How is this not going to be much of an improvement over GT4?

  • bobby sir poops alot

    i just pooped

  • Shane

    Cant put rims on standard cars tho!

  • chris

    I want my 1080p drivable car museum dammit hurry up 24th!!!!!!!!!!

  • kez!

    standard can still be customized then just dont have as much detail when you crash!

  • 1995MattyD

    This is a completely and utterly pointless article. Don't bother writing something like this unless some genuine evidence supports a 26th of November release date, or it is confirmed that GT5 will only come out on the 26th. You obviously have nothing better to do.

  • GamerSRB

    It's normal for games to be released in Europe with 1 or 2 days of delay. The most important thing is that US release date is not affected.

    By the way, we who live in Europe can order the game from the US. At least that's what I did since games are at least 2x cheaper in US than in Europe.

    Price of a new video game in the US: 60$

    Price of a new game in Europe: 90$ to 100$

    The difference is huge so I recommend to Europe to order (buy) games from the US. :)))

  • ADJ

    its the 24th you crazy nutz…. no knock back…………. knock back LOL

  • Bettay

    Personally I am going to wait until its out and see if there are patches or downloadable content. Seeing most of the features now its pretty disappointing because of the amount of time it was created. I am a car enthusiest and it really doesnt have any new cars, and now the standard cars cant even be customized to the minimal degree they could in GT4. Im sure the physics and weather is cool, but we have been playing with the same cars since GT3 and its time to recognize the rest of the world besides Japan.

    • Brick

      A car enthusiast, you say?

      Not picking up GT5 on day one, you say?

      One of those statements is incorrect. Take your pick…

      • Bettay

        I enjoy the car selection, and I still have GT4. I also have Forza 3 and between the two they cover the GT5 car selection. I understand the weather and night/day will be great features, but if I cant drive something I enjoy (besides the cars weve been given since GT3) then it really doesnt matter.

        I am a car enthusiest and if its not offering me anything I dont already have then its not worth the graphics or weather and other small features.

    • ADJ

      Have you really looked at what is new and avaliable.. its funny if they hadnt have put in some most of the classic tracks and cars from pervious release's there would probably be more disapionted people there huh? There is quite a decent level of setup which can be done from what i have seen. 20tracks 70 variations transitioning weather…… night race on Nordschleife….. heck id buy the game just for that.

      Lamborghini…Bugatti… Ferrari… to name a few new makers involved…. The reason this games been put back and back is very debatable but its most deffinalty printed and winging its way to stores…………… I work in retail.

  • Jimmycranky

    Nah this is rumour stations Kotaku have an e-mail that is from sony saying its still on for the 24th of november


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