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Google Plus Android battery hog claims after drain

This week we continue to hear from Product Reviews readers with Google Plus Android battery problems and claims that the app will hog and drain battery life. Towards the end of last week we looked at one possible fix for Google Play Services battery drain, and comments from below the article reveal some success that’s sadly short lived.

One Android user had this to say about that Google Service Fix app, “I tried GServiceFix and it helped for a short period of time. My issues with Google Play Services seemed to be resolved, but then my battery life starting draining fast by generic Google Services. I’ve now uninstalled the GServiceFix app thanks to no long-term help being provided”.

We’ve included a Android phone screenshot you can see below, which we found thanks to a Google Plus user (Adrian Chapmanlaw) publishing the image on their social page. They featured the screenshot with a simple message stating, “ERM… What the hell?”. This particular user updated the Google Plus app, cleared their cache, and charged the device back up, but the same problems were evident.


Have you found the Google Plus app to be a battery hog on Android devices? If so, how fast is your battery draining and on what device? It should be noted that Google has been releasing a number of updates in the last couple of weeks alone, so it’s clear they are fixing battery life problems with certain Google apps. Make sure you have the latest update for your apps and OS before commenting.

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Mine not the drainage of battery it is the charging it takes 51/2 hours just for my three month old HTC ONE to charge from 15% to 100% it takes 61/2 hours for S3 to charge it is 1 year 3 months old on S3 it started that 3 months after I got it my iPhone 4 is 3 years 1 month old it still take 1 to 11/2 to charge from 15% to 100%

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