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Google Nexus 4 vs. LG Optimus L9 with problems

Today we have a visual treat that takes a closer look at the Google Nexus 4 vs. LG Optimus L9, and while we haven’t reported much about the latter handset, the LG Nexus 4 is a smartphone that Google are proud to tell the world about. The video hands-on can be seen below this article, which is an early look at the Nexus 4 running Google Android 4.2 and the reviewer compares this to the Optimus L9. Both handsets have similar screen sizes, so they’re targeting the same smartphone users in terms of device size.

Google Nexus 4 problems — the video aims to give a first impression of both devices over almost 14 minutes, although within the first minute they start to highlight problems with the Nexus 4 design. The first issue is a minor slipping problem with the external design, so feel free to see the video below to see what they mean with a visual demonstration. There’s also no slot for a micro SD card, so this means the Nexus 4 is limited to the internal storage, which is pretty much the same as all iPhones including the iPhone 5.

We also noticed a comment from the reviewer on the YouTube page, which stated the Nexus 4 has “lot’s of bugs” and that the lock screen isn’t customizable. They also mentioned a recent email message from Google, which explained the Nexus 4 would receive an update at launch that should bring better functionality. This software update could fix some of the bugs the reviewer mentioned on YouTube, so we’ll be sure to post exact information on this when it arrives.

Google Nexus 4 battery life – Towards the end of the video the reviewer also mentioned that the Nexus 4 battery had drained a lot in under 2 hours, and they claimed it wouldn’t have enough life to make it through the day if you’re using it a lot. This isn’t the first review to mention that the Nexus 4 has bad battery life, and while Android Jelly Bean has brought improvements it won’t help the Nexus 4 much.

The Google Nexus 4 is popular already before launch, but are you happy with no SD card slot and bad battery? You can also read some more insight into the Google Nexus 4, 7 and 10 here in an earlier article. We touched on some Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and S3 battery extenders a few hours ago from Mugen, although the S3 had been the only device that really benefited from a major improvement in juice, so with this in-mind it will be interesting to see if they launch a version for the Nexus 4 and how much better the battery life could become.

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