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Google Nexus 10 disassembled in review

The Google Nexus 10 pre-order frenzy had some buyers demanding a better service from the innovative company, although others were happy knowing they managed to get an order in without the out-of-stock message, but were then stuck with constant site problems after orders wouldn’t go through. Right now you’ll only find a sold out message for the Google Nexus 10 US Play store, and also exactly the same message for the UK store, so if you didn’t get in early then you might have a few problems finding stock of the Nexus 10.

When we get hands-on with a new gadget it is nice to take some close-up photos, and while others like to do a video unboxing, it also seems that a select few websites can only dream about taking the Google Nexus 10-inch tablet apart. The first image below is thanks to Powerbook Medic and shows the Nexus 10 as seen the moment it comes out of the box, although looking at the second image below shows you how the tablet looks once it has been fully opened up and taken apart, of course in a very careful manner.

You can see their full Google Nexus 10 teardown in this article, which shows a step-by-step guide to taking the tablet apart although this is obviously not recommended at home. We love the image found here that delivers a part locator for the Nexus 10, so you can see an internal view with information icons for each part. You can then click these to find out what part that is and also the estimated cost to replace it, which is ideal if you own the Nexus 10 for a while and it goes wrong outside of a warranty at a later date.

Do you love the internal reviews of gadgets, especially this inward review of the Google Nexus 10?

Written by Chris Cook

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