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Google helps Nexus 4 price for dominance

Retailers have known about loss leaders for years and entice shoppers with a product at a stupidly low price to get you in the door, and then once you’re there hope that you impulse buy. Today we’re hearing that Google might be helping the Nexus 4 price to dominate the mobile OS market, which their hopes would be to see more people using Android than Apple’s OS. It is fair to say that Google’s been doing a pretty good job already, but it seems that this isn’t enough and Google want to dominate on another level.

Google’s Android OS will shortly release at v4.2 and this will rollout to a number of smartphones over the next few months, and considering the amount of brands running Android it seems an impossible task for Apple to beat such a partnership with Google. We spotted some news today that explains Google is selling the LG Nexus 4 at a price a lot lower than other retailers can offer, and of course it’s a no brainer for people to go direct to Google if they can receive the Nexus 4 for a lot less.

It seems in Europe Google will release the Nexus 4 in 6 days time, and this date brings with it a price point of just under 300 Euros for the 8GB Nexus 4 and 50 Euros more for the 16GB model. This Facebook page is for one Spanish retailer that has published details on the deal offered from LG, which states they should sell the Nexus 4 for just under 600 Euros, which is drastically more than Google is offering the handset at.

You can read about this issue for certain mobile retailers in this article, which also claims potential customers are complaining on the official LG Facebook page for mobile phones. The problem becomes clearer when you consider countries that will offer the LG Nexus 4 at full price, like Italy, which don’t have a cheaper option from Google just yet.

Are you happy that Google is helping lower the LG Nexus 4 price, or do you feel that this is unfair to other retailers? Consumers won’t want to pay hundreds of Dollars/Euros more for a smartphone they can get cheaper at Google, although there’s hope that something is worked out with LG in the coming weeks. You might want to read our earlier article that reveals some visual reviews for both the Google Nexus 4 and 10.

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