Google Doodle: Gregor Mendel facts for kids

What do you remember from your school days, and what were your favorite subjects? These are questions our children may ask us, which many parents have already had to give answers on. If that is you, did you tell the truth and was science one of your favorite subjects?

Those that loved or hated science will remember learning a little about the father of genetics, Gregor Mendel. If you have children you may want to teach them at home about genetics, and this topic has been highlighted today thanks to a Google Doodle that celebrates Gregor Mendel’s 189th birthday. For children that use the Google search engine, they will see the nice logo that features peas to make up the Google logo letters, and this leads to the question why?

During the 19th century Mendel performed a number of different experiments with pea planets, and aimed to keep track of different traits over a few years, which included looking at the shape of these peas and their height, what color they were and details about the pea pods. As with our children, they inherit certain traits from us and this is the same with plants. Mendel found that the pea plants would produce those of the same height, and this led to advancements in genetics.

Obviously there is a lot more to learn here, and as such we’d recommend you visit this article to learn more. Gregor Mendel facts for kids can be learned via apps and information online; we found a couple of articles and sources for children to use. This article from “Love To Know” teaches genetics for kids in a fun way, and also included details on the pea experiment as touched on above. Another cool destination is “Mendel for Kids”, which is a kids guide to genetics. Those of you with an iOS device like the iPhone or iPod touch should try a few apps that teach you about genetics, you can see a list of them here that show you information on genetics in medicine, certain problems you can have, genetic apps for kids and a lot more.

What do you think of today’s Google Doodle, and what do you remember about Gregor Mendel and genetics?

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