Google datacenter barge mystery

This week has seen a number of news outlets feature reports on the so-called Google barge mystery, which could very well be a datacenter positioned in San Francisco Bay. If this is a Google data barge then it would use the sea in an innovative way and this certainly goes with the way Google likes to do business with new products and services.

One possibility is that the Google offshore data barge would include lots of computing units, as a floating computer data center. While the very idea of a Google datacenter barge is still a mystery, we should point out that there’s a patent filed from a few years ago that describes this very concept.


We have included a video report showing the Google barge at sea in San Francisco Bay, but you can count on Product Reviews to bring you the facts when they officially arrive.

If we are right about the mystery turning out to be a Google datacenter barge, then the patent would certainly be a basis for what technology lies inside. We will bring a full report on that patent in the coming day, although it is believed Google’s floating data barge would use seawater for cooling computing units.

This seems like a great idea that might be about to become reality, so leave a comment below with your thoughts on the Google barge mystery.

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