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Google Chrome Hacked by VUPEN Security – Sandbox Cracked

Back in March 2011 the annual Pwn2Own contest took place, once again hackers failed to breach Google Chrome, however now VUPEN Security are claiming that they have finally managed to hack Chrome and even crack its sandbox.

Below we have embedded a video showing Chrome 11.0.696.55 running on Windows 7 SP1, in the video you see the computer go to a certain URL, in the background it apparently downloads the Calculator app from a remote location and then it launches outside of the sandbox. This calculator app is shown for demo purposes only, it could be replaced by spyware etc.

At the beginning of the video you see Process Explorer explorer showing no sign of any dodgy-looking programs running in the background, therefore it looks it looks legitimate to us, we very much doubt that this is a hoax as VUPEN has previously hacked other browser versions during previous Pwn2Own contests.

Google has not confirmed whether the hack is legitimate or not and VUPEN will not reveal how the exploit works to the public, however the information will be shared with their Government customers.

This news comes as people are becoming more conscious of hacking and the problems and security risks associated with it (thanks to the PSN outage), we recently heard how Google Chrome could be coming to the PS3, maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all.

Written by Jamie Pert

Jamie has a background in computer repairs and maintenance along with network administration, he now enjoys utilizing the benefits of new technologies and enjoys writing about anything that brings new technology to the world.

He began writing for Product Reviews in mid 2009 and has since expanded his knowledge across a wide-base of devices, he is looking to get more hands-on experience with new devices to gain a better understanding of the latest and greatest technologies.



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