Google Celebrates Roger Hargreaves With Doodle

Today you will see that Google is celebrating the 76th Birthday of Roger Hargreaves with a Doodle. Having said that, the search engine giant has multiple doodles of the writer for the Mr. Men and Miss series, as each time you refresh you will see a different image. These are not interactive, as we have seen in the past, but young children will love them.

I tried to count how many different Google Doodles there were for Hargreaves, but it is a little hard, as they do not refresh in order. However, that does not matter, because most of your favorite characters are there, such as Mr. Tickle, Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Rush, and Mr. Bump. We have to say that this was our best one, as he has bumped into the normal Google logo and knocked all the letters over — very clever.

Children have loved Roger Hargreaves and his Mr. Men and Miss series for years, and have stood the test of time — I used to read and watch them as a child. The reason for this is because we can all relate to each character, as we all know a person who talks to much, or is clumsy, messy or even strong — which one are you?

April was a very busy month for Google and the amount of doodles that the team came up with. May has been a little slower, although that is only for the U.S. There are so many countries that have these doodles, with each of them wondering what will be next. Which has been your best Google Doodle, and which is your best one from today?

Written by Peter Chubb

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