GeoHot lands job with Facebook, new trend for hackers

Recently we have covered a lot of news about hacking and the negative impact it has on the cyber world. It appears however that not all news about hacking is bad, and in this case can actually benefit those capable of getting past some of the worlds most secured networks.

You may have heard of the notorious hacker GeoHot. He is the guy responsible of the iPhone jailbreak and also the managed to hack Sony’s PlayStation 3, getting hold of the root keys and publishing them.

The latter hack resulted in Sony taking George Hotz to court, suing him for the violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act guidelines of the PS3. When we reported this news to you we told you about how GeoHot managed to raise funding for his lawsuit by simply pleading to his followers on his website.

Since the lawsuit the hacker has managed to stay out of the media spotlight. It was revealed that the reason for this was because he has landed himself a job at the world’s largest social networking site Facebook. In an article we brought you almost two months ago, Hotz was challenged by fellow hackers at the Chronic-Dev Team to come up with a jailbreak for the iPad 2.

In that article we explained that he accepted the challenge though no word from GeoHot himself on the matter. It turns out that the challenge was in fact declined as he was seemingly prioritizing his new career move with Facebook.

The news that the hacker now has a new line of work comes from an article at PCWorld which explains that Techmeme confirmed the news. The confirmation was a link to Hotz’s Facebook page where he’d previously written ‘Facebook is really an amazing place to work.’

This may be the start of a new trend when it comes to hackers. Whereas before hackers were simply being taken to court and punished now it seems companies are looking to partner these cyber criminals in an attempt to use their genius for good rather than evil.

Microsoft are another example of where hacks were used for good, as several hacks has now led to their Kinect being used for all sorts of projects and their SDK beta kit release. While at the same time this could just be a one off and many other hackers could still find their actions are punished rather than praised.

What do you think of the situation? Do you think hackers deserve a chance to use their powers for good?

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Written by Chris Cook

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