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GameStop PS4 midnight release

You can count on the GameStop Sony PS4 midnight release being one of the biggest launch parties out of all the stores offering late openings. This is due to over 4,000 stores staying open late for a PS4 midnight release event, although the fun starts at 6PM in many areas.

We know a number of stores in the UK offered pre-sale services, so you could pay and choose the games you want before the PS4 release date and then this allows gamers to just pop in at midnight and pickup their bag already packed.

While this would save a lot of people time at stores like GAME in the UK, we are not sure what stores offered this service in the USA. So, feel free to leave a comment below if you pre-ordered from a store in the United States that allowed you to save the busy launch day rush.

It should also be noted that the GameStop PS4 midnight release might be open in around 4,200 stores, but only those that pre-ordered will be able to pick up a console. There’s a chance some PS4 stock could be around, but this is highly unlikely.

During the GameStop midnight release event there will be prizes and contests, so be sure to get down to a store today if you want a chance to win anything. We would also love to hear from those that didn’t pre-order a PS4, if this is you will you still visit a midnight launch event?

You can count on a lot of people not going to work on Friday, especially after getting hands-on with their new PlayStation 4 since the midnight release and most likely not had any sleep all night. You can find out more about Best Buy locations open late for a similar event in this article.

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