Gamers not happy as Skyrim PC patch update appears to block mod support

We have some important news for PC gamers playing Skyrim at the moment, as we can confirm that Bethesda has gone live with a new patch update for the game that is supposed to make life a little better during your adventure. However, many gamers are suggesting that it does the complete opposite.

We’ve heard that the new patch update from Bethesda has added a new layer of DRM to the game, and it results in Skyrim needing Steam to boot up. Before the patch, players could just run Skyrim without Steam, but that isn’t the case now.

That isn’t the biggest problem on PC gamers minds right now though, as another issue has been discovered following on from the patch. Bethesda has limited the amount of RAM that Skyrim can use, as they have now set a cap at just 2GB. Previously, there was no limit and a bigger RAM allocation allowed the game to run more smoothly and enable various mods which make textures even better. Sadly though, reports over at Rock Paper Shotgun and other online boards suggest that the new patch update actually renders some of the PC mods useless.

Another frustrating issue for gamers, is that those of you that had the patch update setting to automatic, would have booted up Skyrim to see that Steam had updated this latest patch automatically, meaning that many of you had to option on whether to install this or not – on hindsight maybe a lot of you would have chose not to after finding out what the patch actually does.

As you can imagine, gamers are not too happy about this, as you can see in a few examples on Twitter that we picked out:

”Hopefully everyone on PC is done with Skyrim by the time the patch hits. Looks like it severely gimps the game.”

”So Bethesda’s latest Skyrim patch broke the pc version of the game. Bugs are expected with a game of this scope.”

”So… Skyrim gets a PC patch and it adds DRM, makes it impossible to edit .ini files, removes mod support, “blocks” ram and… No bugfixes.”

If you automatically installed this update on your PC, let us know how you are feeling right now. We hear that there is already a few workaround solutions though to bypass some elements of Bethesda’s patch. Are you disappointed that Bethesda seem to be blocking some mod support for the game?

Written by Alan Ng

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I was not warned at the time of purchase that use of this product requires not only an active internet connection but an ‘account’ with a third party.  This paradign approaches both false advertising and invasion of privacy.  I also feel it is more about information mining and sales than piracy protection.  The wrongness here is enough that I will carefully boycott any products that take this approach in the future.  I will also join any legal class actions that form.  Shame on you Bethesda — some things are more important than money.

Jonathan Wint

This all bc Microcrap  want to push Consoles and Wining about the KIT told every one they were limiting it not fixing it with all this extra time. wish I had been wrong. Originally microsoft was thinking of letting them import mods and the Kit to Xbox to keep it competitive with the PC but instead there doing this Breaking the KIT.


I do not buy games with DRM with the exception of STEAMS requirement to be connected… so buying a game without DRM and then having a patch add it is poor business practice and from conversations with others if they do not rectify will not be purchasing another of their products… For me I had to tweak ini files just to stabilize the mouse and graphics… now the game which I purchased is vertually unplayable and the company of course is either no responsive or blaming hardware… but obviously it is not the hardware as the couple of tweaks to… Read more »

Sam 2
Sam 2

Got a refund for ‘Damaged product’ and still have the game on steam lol (Gamestop employees messed up big)


As usual, people who use the game legitimately and legally like me, are penalized because of a few cowards pirating the game.  What Bethesda fails to recognize, is that for legitimate mod users and modders, this DRM hinders creativity and flexibility in the modding community.  Instead of facilitating creative modding, this patch puts a foot over over it’s head, and then stomp it over a curb. Tally 1 win for greed and 1 loss for the pc gamming community.


This DRM garbage locks out the ability to use the mods that enable Skyrim to use more RAM, to Use MODS that start up Skyrim independently of steam, etc.  It’s an extreme disappointment.  Bethesda is turning more and more into an EA or Atari cash cow monster with no love for pc modding.  Shame on you!


Disappointed? I would have used a stronger word. We trusted them with our money and now because I’m not trusted by them I can’t use my purchase. It just crashes every 2-3 minutes! It took me 4 game reboots to fast travel to the guardian stones outside of Riverwood.


Amazing the first game to come out in almost a decade with nothing wrong with it and they go and screw withit and mess it up………wtf…..

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