Free Xbox Live vs. new Call of Duty map packs first

When new Call of Duty map packs release they’re met with excitement, thousands of people rushing to download them, and also some people counting the cost thanks for the need to be more budget conscious. The price has increased for these new map packs, and the cost of gaming is said to be increasing, according to some blogs, although not many gamers seem to notice this. Do you think the cost of gaming is increasing?

The hottest debate comes when we talk about the PS3’s free online service, which is almost always compared to the paid option offered by Microsoft. Without getting into the recent hack issues at Sony, is it justified to charge users to play online in 2011? Some hard working gamers are having to make hard choices when buying games and systems, this is big business for the gaming industry where a game can make a billion dollars and that money comes from people who in most part have very little.

360 Magazine are making some increasing claims when looking at the amount of Xbox 360 owners that have COD Black Ops, stating that around 25% of 360 owners have the game, and the idea of COD Elite is making those who watch what they spend closely, a little concerned.

We’ll disagree with the view that paying for Xbox Live is bad, take the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation map pack. This has come one month early to Xbox 360 owners, just as the previous maps did for Black Ops. This is a long time when map packs are concerned, especially when you consider the rumor that a new Retaliation map pack is due in September. This means that it will be October for the PS3 to get the same DLC, which is extremely close to MW3 releasing. Will some PS3 owners skip that download and wait out for the next version of Call of Duty?

If Xbox Live went free this year and Xbox 360 owners did not get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 map packs first, would 360 owners be happy? How important do you think paying for Xbox Live is to the kind of service you receive?

Vote in the poll below this article: What is more important to you, a free Xbox Live or new Call of Duty map packs first?

You may also want to read about some other news and rumors, including Black Ops Limited Edition, an article that counts the cost of COD Black Ops maps for those that bought them all, some Shangri-La secrets, and how cheats infest some Call of Duty games.

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Patrick Michael

your a dumba** do you the economics of why an xbox has been cheeper than PS3 since day one it cost $30 a year if you get a deal on the dash board. Its far better service and call of duty glitches get fixed faster and the game runs with less lag.  And its cost money for live before the map packs where one month exclusives suck a big one

Sheldon Prescott

I’ve never had a problem with paying for Live, cuz I’m pretty sure that’s the reason why Live is WAY better than PSN. I’ve heard some things from people who have PS3, & I couldn’t imagine going through that myself, since I already own a 360. That would be like taking a HUGE step backwards. I just ask that the price not go too high.


Free XBL=win for Microsoft. I’d buy another 360 if LIVE was free. Of course, I’m sure they’ll make it free with all the advertising being introduced.


1. XBL is equivalent to buying a 12 pack of pop/soda every month. For the hardcore/nolifer crowd I imagine this isn’t difficult.
2. Call of duty Elite will have a completely free version, you do NOT have to pay for it.
3. I find most, if not all, map packs to be a complete waste of money. With shoddy level design, little to no innovation they may as well be mirroring previous levels and adding a car or two.

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