Forget Mass Effect 3 ending, Bioware pressure outs new games

In a new twist in the Mass Effect 3 ending saga, Bioware co-founder Ray Muzyka has now spoken out for the first time regarding the matter and has revealed that the team are planning to offer clarity to those who are feeling a little disillusioned over the controversial ending to the game.

In an open letter, Muzkya has said that the team appreciates the constructive criticism that they have received, but at the same time they also hit out at the ‘destructive’ criticism they have taken, adding that they will not tolerate personal attacks on their team members.

Regarding the Mass Effect 3 ending, Muzkya has said that they are planning to ‘directly address it’, seemingly suggesting that a change to the game’s ending may be on the cards – although obviously not a direct confirmation at this point which so many other websites seem to have taken for granted.

Perhaps even more important though, is the confirmation from Muzkya that a new Mass Effect game is already in the pipeline, or to take a direct quote from the man – ‘new full games’, so that is now official that more than one new Mass Effect game is coming in the future folks – an announcement they wouldn’t have made without this pressure perhaps?

“This is in addition to our existing plan to continue providing new Mass Effect content and new full games, so rest assured that your journey in the Mass Effect universe can, and will, continue.”

With the criticism still ongoing, Muzkya also reminded us that the game has received very positive reviews, with an apparent 75 critics awarding the game a perfect score. From our point of view it does seem like the criticism is getting a little overboard now – even resulting in many gamers taking their completed Mass Effect 3 copy back for a full refund from the likes of Amazon and even EA’s own Origin store.

Regardless of what you think of the ending, shouldn’t we be getting more excited about the fact that Bioware has just confirmed not one, but multiple Mass Effect games? Let us know your thoughts on Muzkya’s comments. Do you need a change to the Mass Effect 3 ending, or are you satisfied?

Written by Alan Ng

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Munkee W

Of course ME3 has gotten good reviews.  The graphics are amazing.  But how many of these reviewers actually have invested time in the series since ME1?  How many of them were wrapped up in the characters, story line and plot arcs?  The ending to ME3 was simply atrocious.  It was not the “satisfying conclusion to the franchise” that Bioware promised, it is the exact opposite of satisfying.  It was the worst ending of any game I have ever played.  And offering “clarity” rather than a complete rewrite and sacking of the team manager is simply not going to do it. … Read more »


Really? So your news story is that Bioware, a game company, accidently let it “slip” that they are going to keep making games? What a SCOOP! Which one are you? Woodward or Bernstein?

We already know that DA3 is in the works.

How is a vague statement of the obvious even remotely letting something slip?


The ending for me was with all the times i replayed mass effect one and two get get it right in the outcome i wanted to have in going into mass effect 3 to have my final ending taken from me like that was very disapointing and upsetting at best how can they give you three endings of there choosing knowing that every mass effect fan is different in there own way in building a ending of there choosing ,plus if they were going to kill commander shepard off he,or she did not have a funeral for a great warrior… Read more »


I can understand the ending and what they tried to do but:

1. it felt like they decided on an ending and then made the rest of the story fit to how they wanted it to end, rather than it be a natural ending to the sequence of events.

2. The second part of the ending was just nonsense and badly written.

Not up to usual standards.

crd shep
crd shep

the whole ending wasnt real, if you destroy the reapers you wake up on earth….alive, how the hell do you get form the station to earth, shepard was fighting indoctrination destorying the repears is his mind fighting indoctrination merging or controling is him giving in, lol..look for the clues in the game.  Ray Muzyka in the artical you just read about said: “team are planning to offer clarity to those who are feeling a little disillusioned over the controversial ending” notice the part that says.. “disillusioned” and ”clarity” bioware usally does twists in there games me3 didnt really have one so this… Read more »


Its amazing how many people have gotten so angry and upset about this,
The ending may suck but the rest of the game is pretty awesome. I do think they could
Have made the game longer. Overall I loved the whole game experience.


Why should I trust them to make it right?  Why should I lay down another 60$ to be disappointed again?  No, I won’t buy another Mass Effect game because “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”


The main issue I have with the ending is that Bioware were very vocally advertising multiple endings. There was a very clear expectation from the fans. The ending we were given did not answer any questions and left a sour taste in most people’s mouths. The point is that the end wasn’t just lackluster or dissapointing, but bad to the point of being an insult. 


After that ending, why on earth would I want to play another ME game? 


EEnding is an Ending. Biowear ende it how they wanted it to end.
You would not ask a director to end a movie differently only because you didnt like
The ending!
And, more games? Mje, the story ends here. There is an overwhelming chanse
That they will lack the quality and feeling of the trilogy!
So no, i disagreed with these decisions.


I don’t see why I would be excited. Mass effect was suppose to be a trilogy, then it became a shepard trilogy. At that point we all knew that another game would come out at some point. Then, some people started to talk about a ME MMO, which, in my experience is pretty much a franchise killer. When you get on the MMO bandwagon you’re not coming back.  Now they’re telling us there will be several games coming? I don’t know if anybody noticed, the franchise is not getting better. (i’m not saying its bad) It getting more like COD… Read more »

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