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Forge of Empires Modern Era to change gameplay

We touched on the Forge of Empires Winter Event yesterday, although one detail we forgot to mention included in the official blog post was a tease of Modern Era. This new age will launch soon along with some revamped gameplay.

Those behind the game kept very secretive about Forge of Empires Modern Era, but they did tease the image above along with a few key features. You can expect to see some solid news on Modern Era in the coming weeks and it will be based on the 1950s.

You will of course gain access to the Modern Era after completing the technology tree for Progressive Era. The new age will be based on “The American dream”, and will change the gameplay a little.

It is not clear how things will change, but the official Forge of Empires blog said Modern Era would change “how the game is played”. They wouldn’t give anything else away at this time.

We would love to hear from Product Reviews readers in regard to the upcoming Modern age and what new features Forge of Empires gamers would like to see?

You can count on a new Great Building in Modern Era, new lands, provinces and a lot more but what is on your wish list?

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