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Forge of Empires Halloween quests list with 2014 answers

That time has arrived within Forge of Empires, heading towards Halloween 2014 the quests list will need to be completed for those of you wanting the Haunted House. The tasks will each come with a riddle from Jack O’ Lantern and each completed quest will deliver either a named reward, or something random.

The first Decorate or die quest is exactly the same start we saw in 2013, although the other riddles are very different and bring various surprises to attain. Below, we will display the full Forge of Empires Halloween quests in a simple list with answers for the 2014 event.


Prepare for Halloween, Decorate or die! – Titled Milquetoast, the answer is simple and requires you to build five decorations of any age to complete this task. The reward will be random, but as we mentioned in our Halloween event news, we receive 70,000 supplies in the Postmodern Era.


Walk or Wane! – this riddle is titled Fraidy-Cat and asks for gamers to make Jack O’ Lantern smile, mile by mile. There’s 12 things to build within this task, although we built one Alley and this completed 7 of the 12. It’s not clear why that was, especially considering the next Alley, trail, path, and even a promenade counted as 1 each. You’ll gain a random reward and for us, this was a blueprint.

Five or Forget! – the third quest comes with the riddle “go on produce, but do it fast, five times five and the reward will be vast”. This is titled Poltroon, although the clue came within the 5×5 statement and clearly directed us to producing something 5 times with a 5-minute production time. We received another random reward, which this time delivered a medium Forge Points Package.

Spend or Spare! – Titled Mollycoddle, this riddle asks “Listen up, women and men: You get one per hour, until you have ten. I ask you to spend them this time around, use ten of them and for a reward you’ll be bound”. The answer again is pretty obvious, you need to spend 10 forge points to finish this task for a random reward.

Build or Begone! – Weak Kitten is the title of this riddle, which states “It rhymes with spouse, it rhymes with mouse – construct it twice to claim my prize. Here is another clue – people live there, too”. The answer is simply to construct two houses from any era, so feel free to build a hut if you won’t want it.

Riddle or remorse – the Cowardly Custard riddle states, “I give pots and bowls and jars to you; amphoras, cans, and flagons, too. You know me? Then you’re almost done, build me now and you’ll have won”. This is easy to complete, especially for any of our readers that have been playing this game for a while. Just build a Pottery from the Production Buildings menu, then collect your reward.

Idea or idle! – with the Pantywaist quest, you are given this riddle “You won’t regret listening to me, if you go now on a researching spree. This riddle will be solved by thee, and I will reward you handsomely”. Just head to your technology tree and research, although this might take a little time if you don’t have the resources.

Hire or hinder! – the Brave Chicken needs to “Enlist more men, but make it ten. It sounds a lot but it is not. Any unit does the trick: hire, fire, make it quick”. The task has 10 to complete, all you need to do is train from the military menu and Spearfighters will do thanks to being so quick to create.

Visit or Vain! – this quest is titled Yellow-Belly and the riddle states, “This time let me be explicit, 23 people await your visit. Do what you like in their towns, as long as it’s nice an doesn’t cause frowns”. All you need to do is visit people in your friends, Guild, and Neighbors then support them with 23 polishes or motivates.

Sell or squall! – with the Recreant quest we get the riddle “A residential, a decoration and a street, but that is not all that I need. Add a production, goods and culture site, if you sell one of each you’ll do it right”. This is pretty much self explanatory, you just need to build each of the mentioned buildings and then delete them.

Goods or grief! – the Caitiff King riddle details “Stone, marble, wine or woods, I want to see you gather goods. If you collect at least 24, this riddle’s reward you will score”. Again, you obviously need to collect 24 from any of the mention goods.

Explore or extinction! – this riddle is titled Daring Dastard. It explains, “Onwards, that is the only way, send out your scout, don’t let him stay”. Go to the continent map and scout a new province.

Produce or perish! – the Foolish Fool quest offers up this riddle, “It takes a day, but gives you supplies. I dare you to do it, not once, but twice”. Pick any production building and produce something that takes a day, twice, although you will need to wait unless you want to spend diamonds to finish the production right away.

Take or torment! – this quest is titled Pet Mouse, which includes a riddle “It is Halloween, the time to be mean. It remains to be seen if you go with extreme or rather demean. Just turn your map green”. Thanks to the map hint, you just need to attack sectors in a province until all of it is green.

Contribute or quiet! – the Lord of Misrule quest includes this riddle “Not small, not medium, not large, it is the Great ones you have to charge. Twelve points have to be invested, do it now, it is requested! If you are not able to do this, research a technology for the miss”. All you need to do is spend 12 forge points on a Great Building and after completing this quest you gain the Count portrait.

Sell or sorrow! – the Faintheart quest asks “room is scarce for all the dead, so let me see your house of dread. Once I’m finished with that scary place, I promise: There will be enough space”. You receive one Old Graveyard after completing this task, so to complete it you only need to sell your old Graveyard or 3 current age buildings.

What Forge of Empires Halloween quest have you reached and did you get stuck on any riddles? You need to complete all quests by November 5th, which is the end date for this Forge of Empires Halloween event. This story is developing, so check back as more quests, riddles, and answers are added above. Remember to leave your problems and experience in the comments below.

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