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Forge of Empires Halloween quests by task list

One week ago today we reported that the special Forge of Empires Halloween quests had started and this brought Jack O’ Lantern riddles to the online game. We have been hands-on with this game for a number of months, so it made sense to share our continued review with Product Reviews readers.

We have managed to solve the Jack O’ Lantern riddles in Forge of Empires up to task 13, so today we will share our experience up to this point and what each of the riddles meant. Our user in the game is Dansway, so feel free to add us, as this is our official Product Reviews account for reviewing the game.

Forge of Empires Halloween quests by task list — below you will see what you need to do for each of the quests that the Jack O’ Lantern sets with a riddle. Some are pretty easy, like the New Land quest we are currently on, although others can be much harder to solve.

Prepare for Halloween, Decorate or die! — In this quest you need to build 5 decorations and the reward will be a small forge points pack that you collect from your inventory as normal.

Boots made for smiling, Walk or wane! — In the second quest you will need to build 6 streets and also gain 6 in happiness while doing so. This delivers two forge points packs this time after you complete the Jack O’ Lantern quest.

Need for speed, Rush or run! — In the third Forge of Empires Halloween quest you will need to complete 9 productions of 5 minutes each. Again, this is pretty simple if you have been paying the game for some time.

Ideas for Fears, Idea or idle! — Quest 4 only needs you to research a technology, so for long-term players you would likely be doing this already. Complete the technology you’re researching to receive a Blueprint for free.

All out work, Produce or perish! — In the Halloween quest 5 it took us a little longer to solve, but we did manage to find the solution for Product Reviews readers. You just need to produce one of each option in a production building, so this ranges from 5 minutes to 24-hour productions. The reward you receive is random.

Hire and Fire, Smith or smitten! — This task was one of the simplest we had taken so far from the Forge of Empires Halloween riddles. All we had to do is build 3 blacksmiths and the numbers referred to the cost of each building.

Quoth the Raven, Explore or extinction! — Again, quest 7 was really obvious considering it stated to explore, so we only needed to scout a province and we received 30 Forge of Empire medals for completing this task.

Towel Day, Towel or torment! — In quest 8 we only had to visit a number of our neighbors and polish their buildings. Once we did this 22 times we received a random reward.

A Beast Called War, War or warfare! — In this quest we had a couple of options. You can invent a military technology or conquer a sector, so we chose the latter as it took much less time to take a sector at that point in our game. We received a random reward afterwards.

Great Old Ones, Contribute or quiet! — The clue gave it away right away and all we needed to do was spend forge points on a great building. We have our own Statue of Zeus, so we just spent 13 forge points on one of our great buildings. We received a medium forge points package for completing this task.

Collect ’em All, Goods or grief! — In quest 11 we needed to collect 5 of all the goods in Bronze Age. This level was set to make it easy for newbies to complete and considering we are in Industrial Age it was easier to just trade for each of the Bronze Age goods. After we did this, the reward was random once again.

Four Have to Go, Delete or die! — Just delete 4 military units to complete riddle 12 of the Forge of Empires Halloween quests. The game gives you a random reward once again.

Seven New, Erect or error! — We just completed quest 13 and all we did is build one of each building in the Bronze Age. This is from each of the different types, so Production Buildings, Goods Buildings, Decorations, Military, Residential, etc.

Forge of Empires New Land Halloween quest
Forge of Empires New Land Halloween quest

New Lands, Land or loser! — This is the current Forge of Empires Halloween quest we are on, so while we haven’t completed it we think you just need to acquire 2 new sectors. The reward shown, as seen in the picture above, is 2 portraits of Frank and Franka. Now completed and we were correct.

Masses Amassed, Savvy or sorry! – In quest 15 of the 2013 Halloween event you will need to gain five artillery units of the same type and once this is done you should receive 20 diamonds.

The Braveyard, Sellor sorrow! – The solution to quest 16 was to sell three buildings from your age, so for us this is Industrial Age. You will not want to sell high costing buildings, so in most cases it is best to sell decorations thanks to these being much cheaper to build. We built three Gas Lamps from Industrial Age, which only took a few seconds to build, so we then quickly sold them. This resulted in us being rewarded with The Graveyard.

Costume Theft – This is the first Halloween quest to be given by Jester Rinbin and it’s not in the form of a riddle. All you have to do is spend 24 forge points to gain a Scarecrow.

We will update this page once our review has been completed, or as we finish each Halloween riddle/quest. We have received some Diamonds during the random rewards, but hope to get something special at the end of completing all the Forge of Empires Halloween riddles for the 2013 event.

UPDATE: The 2014 event has started.

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