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FliXanity battles Cartoon HD app popularity

There’s no doubting how good the FliXanity online movie and TV streaming service is, although they are continually battling the Cartoon HD app popularity. While the latter download was pulled from iPhone and Android app stores months ago, the fans continue to use the application even though the developer behind it seems to have moved on.

FliXanity might not have a native application like Cartoon HD, but there’s plenty of people using it without the need of hunting a download link. One of Product Reviews readers said, “I love using FliXanity on my iPad mini, I just head to their website and stream movies directly to my Apple TV with AirPlay”.


FliXanity battles Cartoon HD app popularity – you might have seen a few tweets from those behind if you follow the so-called “The New Cartoon HD” Twitter page, or even the official FliXanity channel. One of these can be seen below that clearly reveals FliXanity wanting to tell Cartoon HD fans how good their service is in comparison.

We heard this week that the Cartoon HD app started to add new 2014 movies once again, which is strange after no updates in September to the official GappCenter website or Twitter channel. In fact, the last few tweets told people to forget about Cartoon HD and revealed a plan for something new.

Have you seen Cartoon HD adding new movies again and if not, have you tried FliXanity? It sounds like an app is on the way for FliXanity, although feel free to leave your review of their service in the comments.

We should warn our readers that using these apps will be at their own risk and if not for legal reasons, some people will care about ethical reasons as well.

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Recently Flixanity has been threatening to shut down the site unless they receive only positive comments,I’m not sure who runs the site,but they are very immature.


I have used flixanity for a while now, at first it had lots of great films to watch for free and a few that were added but didn’t really have a way of watching them, since the website update I have not been able to watch any films as they do not have the icon to watch anymore, instead you can only download or stream he films but to do at you have to register to a completely different website, why join one website only to be redirected to another, get this sorted or I may start looking for another… Read more »


Have you read some of the replies peeps get from Flixanity? Rude and childish are two words that come to mind. Quality of the links is often poor and pop-up adds. The idea of an App is much better which is why Flixanity are loosing to Cartoon HD in the customer charts. Flixanity need to grow-up and change their attitude if they want to rise in the popularity pole

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