Fingerlings Gigi Unicorn US, UK stock demand at Toys R Us

If you are looking for the hottest toys to buy this year, one of them is most definitely the Fingerlings Gigi Unicorn, the latest version of the popular toy which has just had its range updated for 2017.

At the moment, you can buy Fingerlings Monkey toys in different colours such as Blue Baby, Pink, Purple, Black, Sloth Brown, White and Turquoise from various retailers in the US and UK.

However if you want the new Gigi Unicorn Fingerlings you will have to go to Toys R Us for it as they appear to have exclusive access – with all other versions fake from China sellers.


Since only Toys R Us are the sellers, stock is extremely limited but here is the latest update which we will keep updating as new stock arrives:

Fingerlings Gigi Unicorn stock at Toys R Us USA as of [dateM] [dateY]:

Out of Stock and not available for home delivery, so in-store is your only chance.

Fingerlings Unicorn Gigi stock at Toys R Us UK as of [dateM] [dateY]:

Not available for delivery, but currently in-stock at certain stores across the UK! Use the store locator to see if you can click and collect today, but be quick as stock will go soon.

Bookmark this page and come back to check if stock is replenished by Toys R Us this week or next week.

Let us know if you manage to pre-order a Fingerlings Gigi Unicorn at a certain store to let other desperate shoppers know!



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