Final Fantasy XV 1.13 patch notes on PS4, Xbox One

By Alan Ng - Jul 31, 2017

Update: We can confirm that a new Final Fantasy XV update is available as of July 20, 2017. Skip to the bottom of this article to find out what is new with the Final Fantasy 15 1.13 patch notes for PS4 and Xbox One!

Original article: After an unprecedented 10 years of development time, Final Fantasy XV is finally here. We never thought we would have to wait this long to see the game, but obviously it is extremely exciting for Final Fantasy fans now that the game is available.

We’ve set up this page so we can always give you a heads-up on any new Final Fantasy XV updates on PS4 and Xbox One as they arrive – the next FFXV update will be version 1.13 and should contain even more fixes and improvements after the recent DLC updates which players have been enjoying.

Final Fantasy XV features a massive open-world environment and as a result, there are going to be performance problems, as well as bugs and glitches spotted throughout the adventure.


As we bring you new FFXV patch notes on PS4 and Xbox One, we want you to help us in return by letting us know about any new bugs that you spot so that Square-Enix can be notified and work to fix them in future updates.

Keep checking back on this page and come back soon for the first round of official Final Fantasy XV 1.13 patch notes on PS4 and Xbox One.

Some of the issues we’ve spotted include not being able to target enemies effectively in-battle and not being able to pick up treasure in some cases. There’s also a lot of playing having problems with FFXV glitches at Costlemark tower which sends you to the beginning of the dungeon – extremely annoying if you know what we are talking about.

What are the biggest problems you’ve seen in the game so far that you want to see fixed with 1.13 – is the camera system still causing you problems or did a previous update fix them for you completely?

Let us know the biggest priorities with FFXV aside from the Season Pass DLC content for 2017, especially since some recent leaks about an upcoming roadmap with information about things such as a new monster dungeon turned out to be a hoax.

Update: Here are the latest FFXV 1.13 patch notes for the game, let us know what you think about the changes and if you are still actively playing this game and happy with the small updates that Square-Enix are delivering since launch.


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  • David Scott

    more bubs… we need to see more bubs …lose the clothing on the female characters.

  • mark

    want more cutscene

  • Chris

    Forget about weapons, armor and stickers, Square Enix needs to patch Normal Mode and make it challenging. It’s as if this game NEEDS us to never get Game Over. I have never gotten a game over once, and I suck at playing video games. I don’t want Hi/Elixirs or Phoenix Downs to be sold everywhere at a super cheap price, raise the price up or give us really small amounts of Gil, like what Kingdom Hearts did. This makes the game more fun. It’s a video game not a movie. We want to be challenged. Stop holding our hand Square Enix, we are not 5-years old.

    • Lerne

      Or you know, make a Hard mode instead of patching it.

  • Yann Manuel Gros-Desormeaux

    fix the high mode frame pacing

  • Yann Manuel Gros-Desormeaux

    fix the frame pacing in high mode for the ps4 pro. Give us a stable high mode please. I d’like to enjoy the game at his best.

  • 从百度进来的,博客不错哦!

  • Linton

    is episode prompto out next guys? wonder if it will come with another big update

  • Joeri Bijlsma

    fix the framerate, give us an option to go back to 1080P – 30fps on the pro instead of this variable garbage

  • Henry Levon

    The biggest game flaw is the camera angle during combat being so erratic and off center, Batman didn’t have this problem

  • Brian

    hope they bring out more free dlc, the season pass still doesn’t sit well with me!

  • Jason

    i forgot to get the dream egg from carnival is it gone forever?

  • newrecipay

    anyone seen the new hunts yet, where can i find them??

  • Nier

    +1 for the PS4 Patch that they said would be coming in December, I still haven’t played the game because I have been waiting for the 1080p/60fps PS4 Pro patch.

  • Trevor

    Yes, where’s the PS4 pro patch? I get that it’s Square and they need to take their time but they said it would be coming out soon.

  • Matthew Sankey


  • James Roman

    And they still haven’t released the PS4 Pro 60fps patch they promised in December…

  • NgTurbo

    Seems they fixed the Aranea glitch as well guys, heads-up!

    • 123

      No wonder she wouldn’t come out of the ship. I was just trying to do it…. -_-
      How sure are you about this?

      • John Franklyn Boydstun

        I am playing right now and can say, only a few hours ago this actually happened and she wouldn’t get out. the ship just sat there, I don’t think the glitch has been fixed. (actually didn’t know about it till now)

  • Kyorl Valfreyja

    I feel like the blurriness in the Xbox One version has been fixed after the patch or is it just me….?

    • Tarf Morten

      Low texture quality not fixed

      • Kyorl Valfreyja

        Right, but I thought they tweaked the aggressive temporal AA or the adaptive rendering resolution.

  • seanvwolf

    2gb update for me… 4 hours.

  • NgTurbo

    Downloading now! Who’s excited? Anyone confirm that the Costlemark camera issues are fixed?

  • Rob Campbell

    Cid and the upgrading system needs to be fixed. I should never have been allowed to sell my starting weapons if they were required to kick off other upgrades. Weapons upgrading should not be quest driven anyway. I’d like to have a way to get the Engine Blade and Drain Lance back without having to restart the game. The Naga from The Trial of Ramuh didn’t grant me XP upon defeating it.

  • Dragon Draconian

    daurell caverns still not fixed after update 1.03. I went in grabed a moogle charm on the right path , returned to entrance, went left path, didnt see Golem Giant. killed mobs didn know that i was suppose to warp and drop ladder. after killing monsters they never respawn. spent 2.5 hr trying to get monsters and boss to span to no avail. doing the present/past returns blah blah, delete game and reinstalled nothing. phoned SE support and reported still having issues after v1.03 update. hoping they fix this in 1.04 as its ruining my end game. cant do quests or get baddass weapons 🙁

    • seanvwolf

      They respawn. You just need to leave the area (start another dungeon or do a hunt or something) come back, go ALL THE WAY through the dungeon again, not just to the left again, and boss will respawn.

      • neo_chimp

        thanks for this info–I missed the warp point thing too. Smh well I guess I’ll go back through and get some lurking catfish while i’m at it

  • Tim

    Mainquest “Engaging the Empire” wont start. It is supposed to start on the street before the Militarybase but nothing happens. Other Players seem to have the same Problem. I cant Progress, loading older Save-Files didnt work.

  • NgTurbo

    Anyone else having issues with the camera system glitching out in dungeons?

  • NgTurbo

    Looks like Aranea joins the party as soon as you load up a New Game+ ! Also, Daurell Caverns fixed

  • NgTurbo

    Guys 1.03 is now live. I’m seeing a 3.2GB download on PS4. Some Xbox One users saying theirs is 11GB?? Let us know

  • NgTurbo

    Camera angle can be troublesome at times, but has anyone had the problem where you can’t pick up treasure unless you load a new area?

  • Charles Toth

    Well i just had same issue as the Paris reveal….FF15 caused my PS4 to overheat and shutdown…yay for me

  • Heolstor Illumina

    No one had the kingsglaive / omen trailer event scenes due to the fact they exceeded disc space. Most of this patch file size is due to additional content.The fixes and adjustsments were added in to one huge patch file to save from having to later DL a larger update if on ever occurs. So the delay promise was met. There isnt a HUGE day one patch. Its a huge added content along with some adjustsments.

  • Abdullah Al-Qallaf

    In my country we had the game before the release date and all the things in the notes are there before the day one patch update they just add one thing the ( wait mode ability) @_@

  • NgTurbo

    Square-Enix had a Day One patch in store after all guys. Added the first 1.02 notes above, tons of interesting changes. Leviathan boss battle changes?? Wonder what that’s about.