FIFA 17 FUT Draft rewards list

The moment has finally arrived for FIFA 17 players. The FIFA 17 Web App is now out and EA are sending out reward packs based on when your FUT club was first created.

We’ll talk about that in another article, but for now we just wanted to give you a heads-up on the new FIFA 17 FUT Draft rewards for online and offline.

It looks like EA has once again increased the payout for FUT Draft rewards in FIFA 17 and this is what one player received when winning the FUT Draft online.


As you can see that is well over 75,000 coins in value, including getting a rare players pack straight away which is very promising.

We know that on FUT 16, the prizes for winning the FUT Draft offline were a Premium Gold pack and a Jumbo Premium Gold pack on average. We’re waiting to see if this is the same for FUT 17 or if EA has increased the odds slightly – let’s hope so!

If you are playing FIFA 17 now through early access, let us know what FUT 17 draft packs you get and we’ll compile a list below.



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