FIFA 17 demo release date with teams leaked

By Alan Ng - Jun 14, 2016

We know many of you want to know when the FIFA 17 demo is out and what teams are going to be on the list this year. While we are not expecting the demo for a long time, we could have an early indication on the FIFA 17 demo release date for PS4 and Xbox One.

EA has so far wowed gamers by unveiling a brand new FIFA 17 ‘The Journey’ campaign mode, along with managers for the first time.

There’s also rumors that a FIFA 17 FUT 5-a-side mode is coming as well, with the demo being the first opportunity to try the mode out.


Take a look at the screenshot above, showing the potential FIFA 17 demo release date leak of September 8, 2016. If the image is real, then the confirmed teams are Barcelona, Real Madrid, Roma, Dortmund, Benfica, PSG, Ajax, Arsenal, Juventus and new Premier League champions Leicester City.

Remember that these are just rumors for now and that image could well be an elaborate fake – we’ve seen plenty of them in the past.

If anything changes or we get fresh FIFA 17 news on the demo, we’ll update this article so keep checking back for updates. Would you be happy with those FIFA 17 demos above?

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  • eliezercazares

    This is photoshopped. Tigres is in Juventus place.

  • Gio Bianconeri

    Juventus! Finally!