FIFA 13 review roundup vs. PES 2013

The day has finally arrived for millions of FIFA fans across the UK. FIFA 13 went on sale at special midnight launches across the country and the big question that gamers will be finding out now, is whether FIFA once again beats PES as the best football game available on console.

We’ve heard numerous times that Konami has now ‘bridged the gap’ on FIFA with PES 2013, but most of you who have played both demos will probably already have an idea in your head on which game is the better out of the two. Now that FIFA 13 has been released though, the collection of reviews are available as well, giving you a semi professional opinion on which game comes out on top.

Unsuprisingly, it is EA that has once again emerged victorious, as FIFA 13 has managed near perfect scores from a selection of some of the well known gaming websites in the industry. IGN has awarded FIFA 13 a 9/10, stating that you’ll find it hard to find a game more enjoyable this year.

Another 9/10 for FIFA 13 has come from Eurogamer, as they have said that the game is more detailed and engaging than ever before. The good news for PES 2013 fans though, is that Konami’s new effort is not far behind. The game has managed impressive scores in its own right, with CVG giving PES 2013 a 9.1/10 and IGN posting an 8.5/10 for the game.

If you’re a keen believer of Metacritic review scores, you’ll be interested to know that FIFA 13 currently has a Metacritic of 88 on the PS3 and 90 on the Xbox 360. In comparison, PES 2013 has only managed an 82 on PS3 and 83 on Xbox 360 – quite a sizeable gap between the two franchises you have to say.

We’ve listed a selection of reviews for you to browse through and see which game critics believe is the best. If you happen to own both FIFA 13 and PES 2013, let us know your opinion below on which game is better.

FIFA 13 reviews:

Eurogamer – 9/10

IGN – 9/10

Videogamer – 9/10

PES 2013 reviews:

Eurogamer – 9/10

IGN – 8.5/10

Videogamer – 8/10

Metacritic scores:


PES 2013

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just my opinion
just my opinion

Imagine if fifa and pro worked together with the great football frm pro and all the official licences frm fifa cud call it fifa pro now that would be a football game but i usually buy both but this year i bought both n theres nothing really seperating them in football terms but fifa edge it for me the game as a hole is just better with things like ultimate team and the career mode now is brilliant but like i said pro plays the footballing side slightly better i still think to get the best and ultimate footballing experience… Read more »


Have to agree with all of you guys on here. PES is fully underrated for the realism of play. I tried FIFA12 not too long ago as everyone stresses how amazing that game is. I give it 1 half (Just 1 half) then turned it off never to play again! People like perfection and easy arcade play which is good for like kids but when you get to a certain age you need a challenge. God bless PES and it’s players out there 😀


Like my nephew rages on about fifa every year and this year is no different and like every year he ends playing pes, I was a die hard fifa fan but my last real fifa experience was 2001 from then on I’ve pretty much fell in to the pes cycle. Having played both games I will say pes is by far more addictive and this edition (13) is great.


Pro is always gonna be a better game and soon it will retake the throne. If not this gen’s consoles then definitely next gen’s.

Alex Pro

i think this year pes wins


Fifa is beautiful and every match looks like Barcelona vs Barcelona, and thats the problem! In football not every game is slick passing and silky smooth skills, not every goal is a goal of the season contender. In football you also have scruffy goals, passes are not always perfect, not all teams play like Barcelona. In football the beautiful things are not easy. In this way PES is annoying and frustrating but that’s what makes it the better game, its not easy to score yet alone score beautiful goals. Games can be beautiful and slick and also scruffy and inaccurate,… Read more »


Pro Evo is more difficult which in turn makes it a better game. Plus, the freedom the new passing and shooting options give you makes this years offering absolutely spot on. Fifa is like a really fit bird who only really enjoys missionary. PES is like an average looking bird who is tremendous in the sack after a few weeks getting to know her.


Agree with rob85 who really cares about scores, I’ve been an avid pes/iss fan all along and although pes’ last few offerings haven’t reached the heights it previously did, there’s just a certain ‘feel’ to the game that fifa can’t touch for me, I played fifa 10 and 11 quite a lot with friends and found it far too easy and lifeless despite the gloss and fancy animations. As for graphics imo pes on my PC played at true 1920×1080 can’t be touch in terms of detail and clarity, going from this to fifa in hd on a console is… Read more »


who the fcuk cares about review scores??PES 2013 got minus for steep learning curve which I love a lot when playing football game.
PES =better gameplay,football depth,dated graphic
FIFA=better presentation and shallow/repetitive gameplay

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