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FFXIII-2 DLC for PS3 and Xbox 360 – Square Enix getting greedy?

Two Final Fantasy games which we think set the standard for other role-playing games to follow were Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, now over a decade later we have seen the Final Fantasy franchise grow and grow, however we are slightly concerned by news which we recently heard about FFXIII-2 downloadable-content.

According to a recent post over at it looks like Square Enix will be cashing in when it comes to FFXIII-2 DLC, apparently certain weapons, costumes and monsters will be purchasable – now this worries us a little as it almost suggests that players will be able to buy their way to success, rather than patiently play the game picking up treasures along the way and really earning weapons etc to use in battle.

As you probably guessed we are not too concerned about the additional costumes, but imagine it was 1997 again and you got your hands on Final Fantasy VII, however you were told that if you pay a few extra dollars / pounds you can get Cloud’s Ultima Weapon and perhaps the Knights of the Round Table summon – surely this would ruin the game? Let’s face it ignoring a few of the bosses in the latter stages of the game you would trump your enemy with just one slash of the sword – we really think Square Enix is treading a fine line.

Yoshinori Kitase, Final Fantasy XIII-2’s producer, has said that the content on the disc will be fulfilling enough for players and the DLC will allow for longer play – but we aren’t convinced just yet, surely giving gamers additional weapons and monsters will make battles easier, which means gamers won’t get stuck quite as much and long battles will be cut short – also it will nullify the need to use tactical gameplay in some cicrumstances. Surely if Kitase wanted to give gamers longer play he could have brought extra missions / quests to the game – what do you think?

If you played FFVII religiously you would have searched the Great Glacier for the Alexander materia, bred a Gold Chocobo and searched endlessly for Knights of the Round – this is all part of the fun and we think that Square should really look back at what made Final Fantasy a success in the first place.

While we are here we will quickly mention some good news which Kitase confirmed, apparently in FFXIII-2 there will an amusement center where you can play mini games, bet in a casino and even race Chocobos – this sounds like the Gold Saucer in FFVII and we think this will bring back fond memories to hardcore fans of the Final Fantasy series.

So what are your thoughts on the DLC plans for FFXIII-2? Do you agree that selling gamers weapons and monsters will in a way ruin the Final Fantasy XIII-2 experience?

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