Farm Foods Now Selling Peppa Pig Cereal

Whether you pop into Farm Foods to pick up something in particular, or do your weekly food shop, you would’ve noticed they have a huge variety of meals, snacks and drinks. Some products are somewhat unique and over the past day or so they’ve been found selling both of these Peppa Pig Cereals and shoppers are going crazy for them.

Peppa Pig Cereal Farm Foods

As you can tell from the image, above, there’s two types to choose from, one being Honey Loops and the other Choco Pops. With a fun design on the packaging they’re no doubt going to create lots of fun for those with a little one when it comes to breakfast time in the mornings.

They’re usually £2.50 per box, although at the moment can be found within the Mix Any 2 for £4 offer, perfect for those looking to stock up.

These aren’t the only products that have been spoken about at Farm Foods. In the past we’ve seen lots of people rush to their nearest store to find new and exclusive items, such as the Bounty and Galaxy Fudge, Diner Kebab Pizza Fingers and one of the biggest so far in 2024, the Lemon flavoured Coca-Cola, which comes in either a 2L bottle or a Pack of 6 cans.

New food is always being released and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date whenever there’s something in demand. With that being said, you are able to find other food posts from the past month or so, including ALDI adding New Mini Ice Cream Tubs to their frozen section ahead of summer and also the return of the Quirky Dessert Sauces from M&S, great for those look to add even more sweetness to their puddings.