Fallout 4 news doubters in denial

Fallout 4 doubters are in denial over news finally coming and the comments in reaction to The Survivor 2299 site show some disbelief. It is slightly understandable if you have been let down before when expecting Fallout 4 news, but this time around it’s as solid as it gets.

The Fallout.css sold it to us along with the Fallout 4 trademark last week, although this didn’t stop some gamers stating, “it is so hard to title a .css file Fallout”, then followed with funny remarks. The insight that these closed-minded people lack is the Survivor 2299 domain has been registered by the franchise owner, so this isn’t a domain created by a fan.

It could be a tease towards Fallout 4 news and then they reveal a different game once the countdown ends, but this would be stupid considering they will build up false hope. So, the fact that fallout.css was added to the HTML code and then removed to hide that fact paints a clear picture. If it is not about Fallout 4, then why add many clues towards this franchise?

We then have the teases by one Three Dog voiceover actor and a number of image files hidden within the code, hosted on Prepare For The Future, which directed to a domain used in promoting the last Fallout game.

All these signals scream Fallout 4 news and the tease will release next month once the countdown ends. If you still deny this is related to Fallout 4 news, then we are not sure what planet you are living on and maybe you’re right, it could be about that fluffy pigs game you really want.

Finally, do you recognize the symbol on The Survivor 2299 next to the countdown? You might remember it from the loading screen of a past game, and this again proves Fallout 4 news is about to land.

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