Fallout 4 news countdown starts with logo

We reported the moment a new website went live hinting at Fallout 4 news a few days ago, and at the time we noticed some source code looking at the current date. There was only a blank page at the time with what seemed to be Morse code pointing to a date, although thanks to us being so fast to report possible Fallout 4 news the site didn’t feature anything other than a black screen with audio.

Since we reported the launch of it seems another feature was added, and this is a countdown timer to what we bet will be Fallout 4 news. You can see a screenshot of this countdown clock in the image above along with what looks like a clue, or logo for an upcoming game.

The facts we do know would be references to Bethesda Softworks in the source code along with a hidden link to their YouTube videos channel, and that the domain was registered by this gaming brand as well.

Fallout 4 news would be what the majority of gamers want and we most certainly place our bets on some sort of tease, trailer, or launch happening after the Spike TV Video Game Awards in 25 days at the time of writing.

Would you like to see some Fallout 4 news when this countdown hits zero?

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