Fallout 4 conjecture from strange occurrences

Over the past few weeks we have been watching Fallout 4 news and rumors closely, which is thanks to E3 approaching and our hope that something would give from Bethesda. We don’t expect a release date for Fallout 4, but it is highly likely we will see an announcement before the end of 2013.

Fallout 4 is back on the lips of gamers this week after a few notable changes by Bethesda, and these include some new items on the official store and the Fallout 3 trailer being uploaded to YouTube again after many years.

We expect Fallout 4 news this year – The last occurrence is one of the most strange, which had first been noticed by In Entertainment in an update early today when they pointed out the Fallout 3 trailer had been uploaded again on May 13. This is many years after it first landed on YouTube, why would the trailer be uploaded again?

The items appearing on the Bethesda Store include a Tunnel Snakes hoodie and new t-shirts in the theme of the last game, which feature a Brotherhood of Steel logo and the well-known face of Vault Boy.


This could all just be some small changes on the store and another reason to re-uploaded the trailer for last Fallout game, but in our opinion this just don’t cut it. Something is brewing and we wouldn’t be surprised to see official confirmation of Fallout 4 development with an official trailer and artwork following at some point this year.

We looked at the time from a Fallout 4 announcement to a release date a couple of days ago, which the majority of gamers expect this to be around one year. There’s also mixed feelings about the game releasing only on next-gen consoles, which in our opinion would be a bad move considering the amount of gamers planning not to upgrade console for a while.

Last week we detailed rumors claiming that Fallout 4 would not be at E3 this year, although we’d love to hear from our readers in regard to this and the possibility of hearing something about Fallout 4 in the next couple of months. Looking at past announcements, we might have to wait until the end of this year before we get any solid Fallout 4 news.

Do you feel like something is brewing with Fallout 4?

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Ceekay Jay Schofield

I have an idea of when Fallout 4 will be released. Following the previous 2 games release dates i would say Fallout 4 will be in October 2014. i would suspect a reveal in October / November this year. I think this would give enough time for the next gen console to come out fix any problems it may have and by then alot more people will own one.

Kenny Stimmel

I don’t expect n e news this month but all that stuff is weird something’s definitly goin on


I really doubt they will give an announcement about Fallout 4 at E3. I really wish they would though, I have been waiting for this game for so long! I cannot wait to see the types of graphical changes there will be, and everything else about the game. I assume they will be announcing it maybe a few months before the next gen consoles release, or awhile after if they plan to only have it for next gen consoles.


me too


thr has never been so much anticipation for any other game.. Bethesda should just announce it…srsly.


I think it might be announced tomorrow

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