Facebook users shunning Timeline feature

Back in December we told you that users had the opportunity to start using Facebook’s Timeline option, which basically shows all of your activity on the site since you first activated your account. Then a few days ago this option now began its compulsory rollout, and currently it seems Facebook users are shunning the Timeline feature.

The new feature has caused some outrage among many users that comes as part of a major rework of the social networking site. It creates a virtual life story of the user’s time on the site that can go back as far as 2004 if they were on it then. If users have forgotten to delete any embarrassing comments or photos they will be more easily accessed now.

Before Timeline users could only find older content by searching through pages and pages of old content. A report on The Telegraph is stating that many critics feel the change erodes user’s privacy, but Facebook’s argument is that the content is already available.

Security firm Sophos has recently surveyed 4,000 users of the website and found that only 8% like the new feature. While 51% of those asked said they were “worried” by Timeline, but 8% did say they would “get used to it” given time.

Over the next few weeks users will receive a notification that they have seven days to update their profiles and delete content not wanted to be visible. According to Facebook the new feature doesn’t change any of the existing privacy settings, and an activity log will allow users to add extra settings to each entry.

This means that users can decide if all or some of their Facebook friends can see a certain image or message. Some also feel these changes will make users think what they now post to the site. Have you been using Timeline? What do you think of it?

Written by Gary Johnson

Gary has a background in engineering and passion for motorcycles, gadgets, and home cinema. In his early years, his obsession for Hi-Fi technology would see him creating the perfect setup with a good ear for sound quality. While Gary is keen to write about most topics that PR covers, his love for phones finds him reporting a lot of news about applications for iPhone, Android, and other popular operating systems

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I hope that whatever moron came up with timeline chokes to death on a cucumber.

Terry Towles Canote

I was forcefully switched to Timeline by adding an app and I hate it. I am not worried about my privacy. Timeline does not change one’s privacy concerns. My problem is that it seems to be inferior to the old profile in every way. First, the two column layout filled with boxes is much harder to read than the single column of the old profile. Second, a lot of important information that was displayed on the old profile is not displayed on Timeline. It does not show my relatives and only shows six of my friends. It also does not… Read more »

Matthew Cardiel

I like the Facebook timeline. It’s visually pleasing and nice to see what my life has consisted of over the past few years. Facebook has always been changing and this is one of those not-so-subtle changes that people either love or hate. I personally love it. And privacy options are always available and you’re able to change them. That’s the beauty of Facebook is the ability to share whatever you feel like. Most people just don’t take the time to change those settings. I love it, and have no complaints about the Timeline profile.

Doug Hinebaugh

8% like it and 2 people of that 8% have already posted here. There is a difference between resisting change and just plain not liking something. FB has done this in small steps for years and the outrage was less intense. Now that they are demolishing what we know and replacing it with crap, the outrage is palpable. People such as myself are sick and tired(highlights, anyone?) of FB trying to tell MY friends what of MY information FB thinks that they want to see. I’m a big boy, I can decide that for myself. I have a simple solution.… Read more »


I’ve been using it for a few weeks and like it a lot. It has nice features like posting something you want to emphasize in a bigger format size. Also the cover photo is a great thing and makes your page more personalized.
As for privacy, it actually allows much more control over who can see your posts.


I’ve started using it and its amazing!!

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