EZTV servers down with proxy site by court order

It is now clear that the EZTV servers are down today thanks to a high court order, although the EZTV proxy site joins others that are not working thanks to many court orders. If you try to access the domain, you will be redirected to a domain called if this is the country you are currently in and a detailed list of other take downs will be displayed.

When we took a look at the popular EZTV proxy site moments ago, it’s clear they join the likes of The Pirate Bay, Download4All, BitSnoop, First Row Sports, and many torrent websites in a global crackdown. The servers have been taken down, or at least the domains for many servers allegedly breaching the copyright of certain companies that are named within the high court orders.


You can see the long list at the above website, a redirect from, and it lists Members of British Recorded Music Industry, Motion Picture Association of America Inc, and The Football Association Premier League Limited all involved as parties who obtained the Order.

Are you happy to see many of these servers like the EZTV website taken down? This is obviously part of a very large crackdown and one we saw a few days ago with The Pirate Bay running into problems.

If we hear anymore on the outcome of any high court ruling, then we will be sure to update this article. You can read more about the EZTV server problems on Online Social Media, and the whole Pirate Bay story at this gadget website.

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What’s missed by the MSM and politicians is that the media companies that create and run the MPAA made their fortunes by ripping off others. Disney took other people’s stories and turned them into hits in a time when many of those stories were no longer under copyright because copyright ran out much earlier (the movie industry has pressured the US and other govts to extend their copyright period for decades longer than it used for no other reason than greed). Sub-studios now owned by Disney like Lucasfilm ripped off parts of Indiana Jones from a Charlton Heston film without… Read more »

smart canuk
smart canuk

I used torrent sites almost exclusively to download UK TV shows I cannot get over here in Canada. There is no option to pay for it period. Why did they have to take down EZTV?? That’s television, for crying out loud. Nothing to do with motion pictures or anything else. I don’t get it and I hope to heck they bring them back. Why shouldn’t we be allowed to watch TV in other places since we cannot pay to get it here? How else can we get it? Sheesh. Idiots.


No I’m not happy it’s down I hope they bring it back plz and Ty


Gee, these turd burgers really want to hasten the start of the revolution, don’t they?

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This totally sucks – thanks for keeping us updated

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