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EZeeCalc XL 1.1: Great calculator app for iPad

Make life easier when you find using all standard calculators to be a bit restricting. EZeeCalc XL available for the iPad and iOS 4.0 is a simple, yet powerful, calculator for the rest of us.

EZeeCalc XL is a new version of old fashioned calculators of which we are a custom. This app by James Hollender starts as an initial basic calculator using a colorfully numbered screen. The functions this calculator contains will help you with your working out and to remember your last input.

When viewing you will see four boxes at the top of the screen, there you can access a box marked E, this is where all you numbers are kept. To the left all numbers written in purple show your previous numbers and actions taken. Underneath the E there is three boxes marked M1, M2, and M3 for memory inputs.

Using the two arrow buttons gives you the opportunity to undo or redo any previous actions before pushing the equal’s button. The % of button has an easy calculating function with percentages of certain numbers, which is ideal for giving tips when eating out. To remove all recent calculations press the lightning bolt icon.

This calculator app stores up to 1000 previous calculations, to remove any use the roll of film icon, the gear icon lets you customize your settings like the key alignment for right and left-handed users. A slider will show decimal points of up to six places and how many numbers after the point.

EZeeCalc XL is and simple and easy to use calculator app. For more information, visit the App Store.

Written by Marlon Votta

Marlon joined the Product Reviews team in March 2011. He brings a wide-range of experience to PR, and has studied and worked in a diverse range of industries. These include art and design, a Horticulturalist, graphics and printing. Personal interests include music, football, boxing, traveling, and different languages, although Marlon has an Italian background. He now looks to expand his computer and tech knowledge by writing news on the latest trends in this industry. Follow Marlon if you’re looking for an unbiased view of the latest products, and tech services.



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