Extreme Sync With New iMac, iPhone 5, iOS 5 in 2011

The need to have the latest technology is one we share with millions of other gadget enthusiasts, but having the latest kit in your office has its drawbacks. We recently picked up a new 27-inch iMac, which features a few upgrades in the 2011 model, the most important being “Thunderbolt”.

Apple’s ultrafast Thunderbolt I/O is a must have for those that love speed, even if you won’t need it right away, it’s great to have. Now we have this tech on the desktop, we find a problem, where is the supported hardware?

Thunderbolt is so new that finding hard drives and other accessories to support it is a task in itself, they are coming and we’re sure Thunderbolt devices will be in abundance by the end of 2011, but for now you just get to look at the port with empty hands.

Our 4TB hard drive will be one of the first devices to be upgraded to support Thunderbolt, when it’s available. The thought of moving large movie files at 12 times the speed of FireWire 800 is exciting, in fact any moving of large files should be done like this in a world where waiting is not fun.

Now enter the rumors that iPhone 5 will get a Thunderbolt port, to an owner of a new iMac and who has bought the iPhone for every generation, this is a must. Apple are selling the Thunderbolt technology big time, so putting this on as many of their devices as possible (new 2011 MacBook Air included) should be an obvious plan.

Moving Apple movies from the iPhone 5 via “two 10-Gbps data channels per port”, well the thought makes the mouth water. Add some extra support from the iOS 5 release; we’re left saying WHEN?

Do you own the new iMac with Thunderbolt? Will you buy an iPhone 5 with a Thunderbolt port?

Written by Daniel Chubb

Daniel is the CEO of Dansway Communications LTD and founder of; a top blog dedicated to breaking tech news, hands-on reviews and delivers real solutions to everyday consumer electronics hang-ups.

Daniel now spends his time keeping an eye on the latest technology and business trends. Also developing other blogs/news sites in the entertainment and business industries.

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