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Back in January we asked you what guns you would like to see in Modern Warfare 3, well now that Infinity Ward has begun divulging details and we have had some hands on time with the game we thought we would explain the game’s guns in a bit more detail. We will not be listing each gun and each attachment available for each weapon in this article, however we will talk about the game’s Assault Rifles in quite a lot of detail.

Let’s start with some information for people who are completely new to Call of Duty gaming, so feel free to skip this if you consider yourself a bit of a CoD veteran. The primary weapons in Modern Warfare 3 come under 5 subcategories these are Assault Rifles, SMG’s, LMG’s, Snipers and Shotguns. It may seem obvious but Assault Rifles are a good choice if you want a balance of power, accuracy and fire rate, if you like to run and gun you should choose a sub machine gun as these don’t have a negative affect on maneuverability, whilst light machine guns have huge amounts of ammo to use between reloads, but they do take a while to fire their first bullet and slow down your player. Snipers and Shotguns require skill to use effectively, as you need great aim, patience and understanding of maps to successfully pick off enemies without getting killed – shotguns require quick reactions and can be very affective in small up-tight maps – but timing your reloads is important.

Everyone has different favourites in the game, you can see a full list of guns over at, in almost every game the AK47 is regarded as the best Assault Rifle to use, but in MW2 the ACR offered great accuracy and power with barely any recoil – but some argued that this was in some ways too good and ruined weapon balance, we also think that the SCAR-L will be a great gun for all-round action – incedently the ‘L’ stands for light, whilst the H in SCAR-H stands for heavy. If you previously loved the FAL you will be disappointed to hear that this single-shot Assault Rifle is not in MW3 – it looks like it has been replaced by the MK14 – this will be deadly accurate and powerful, but will require a quick trigger finger. There are also two burst options on offer, these are the M16A4 and Type 95 – we presume that these guns will fire in bursts of three rounds (but this hasn’t been confirmed).

Each Assault Rifle will have attachments to choose from and if you choose the Overkill perk (Or Attachment Proficiency) you will be able to attach two to a single gun. The options include ACOG Sight, Extended Mags, Grenade Launcher, Heartbeat Sensor, Holographic Sight, Hybrid Sight, Red Dot Sight, Shotgun, Silencer and Thermal – the image below shows the attachments available to you if you choose the M4A1 – we aren’t sure whether every assault rifle will offer all of these attachments just yet.

Before choosing your attachment you will be able to choose from a list of seven proficiencys. These are like mini perks for the weapon you choose and the options are: Kick (reduces recoil), Impact (like FMJ), Attachments (choose two attachments for your gun), Focus (Less flinch when you are hit), Breath (hold breath whilst aiming down the site) and Stability (reduces sway when aiming down the site). Incidentally no Assault Rifle will allow you to choose the Melee or Shotgun proficiency – Melee speeds up your melee attack, whilst Shotgun apparently gives shotgun shells more damage.

Below we have embedded two videos for your enjoyment, the top one shows the SCAR-L in action and the next shows the Assault Rifles in the game’s create-a-class menu – this gives you a closer look at the new proficiencys.

Will you opt for an assault rifle when playing MW3?

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