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Enjoy PS Vita games, don’t procrastinate for PS4 release

Whenever new software or hardware is released it can sometimes give hints towards upcoming products and services the brand might bring to light at some point, and this has been seen a lot with hidden gens inside Apple’s code that point to new products like iPad 3 and iPhone 5. The same can be said for the gaming industry and brands like Sony, which give hints towards improvements in their next-generation of devices.

PS Vita is a new generation handheld that has learned from the PS3 – We’ve seen a number of hints inside Sony’s PS Vita that show how the PS3 could’ve done certain tasks better, and one of the most demanded features since the release of the PS3 has been cross-game chat, which will likely never arrive on that platform.

The PlayStation Vita features cross-game chat and does it extremely well, which we found out when playing a few games while chatting to someone in Hong Kong (we were in the UK). The voice was very clear and you couldn’t hear the game they were playing, and this feature alone makes gaming with friends around the world much more appealing for handheld and console gamers.

The PS4 will need to learn from this generation — for starters it can and will include cross-game chat from the outset, which is proven thanks to its inclusion in the Vita but of course we’d expect the PS4 to release the hardware potential with a twist for voice chat while gaming. How could faster processors and more memory help with innovative voice features for a next-gen PlayStation console?

Backwards compatibility has received mix reactions by PS3 owners and while some people wanted all PS2 games to work on the PS3, there are gamers that cannot understand why you’d “want to play last generation games” on a next-gen system? Seasoned gamers know the classics will live forever and you can already see the new PS Vita hardware being used for some classic PSP games like the Sega Genesis Collection. You can read an article here that we posted two days ago, which looked at recent rumors involving backwards compatibility for Sony’s PS4, and the possibility it might not be included although this would be a real shame in our opinion.

Now is the time to enjoy PS Vita games and don’t procrastinate for a PS4 release date that will not come anytime soon – hearing about potential graphics hardware for the PS4 can make a nice read but we’ve got to remember that Sony has stated clearly about any release date being a while yet, and they officially confirmed the PS4 is a “distraction” to their current plans, which involve the PS Vita.

When we see forums filled with questions like “shall I buy a PS Vita or wait for the PS4?” we think “wake up and smell the coffee“, because there is no point waiting for something that Sony has confirmed as a distraction. We’d love to buy the next-generation Sony console as soon as possible, which our reasons are for owning both the Xbox 360 and PS3 since launch – years ago – and feel it’s time for a new generation, although that is not going to happen anytime soon. If you’ve owned any current generation console from launch are you crying out for next-gen?

To see why the current PS Vita is well worth a buy right now – or later this year once Sony iron out issues – then you should read about the mystery new PS Vita games, the cross platform potential for certain franchises, and let’s not forget cross-game chat that really makes the gaming fun as we found out in our hands-on.

Have you jumped onboard the PS Vita train yet? If not, let us know what would be your next hardware purchase for gaming?

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Written by Daniel Chubb

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