England Euro 2016 fixtures with UK time schedule

If you are looking for a definitive guide on England’s Euro 2016 fixture schedule, we have a quick heads-up to say that has a nice layout for you to follow.

The broadcaster will be showing live matches along with the BBC, allowing you to watch directly on TV or use the ITV player or the app to watch on your mobile on the go.

Head to their website here to get started. There you can see all of England’s Euro 2016 games in a nice format, also the times listed are the UK times not local times in France where the tournament is being held.


For example, England’s first match at Euro 2016 is against Russia and it will kick-off at 8PM UK time – the match is available live on the ITV player or the app.

Follow the guide through the link and you’ll see the entire Euro 2016 schedule which you can refer to during the tournament. If you missed it last time, don’t forget to check out this amazing printable Euro 2016 wall chart from Sky Sports too.



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