Electric shock alarm clock for bed addicts

For those of you out there that need a little extra push to get out of bed most mornings the Sing N Shock alarm clock may just be the wake up call you require, which will prize you up from your slumber and get you out in time for your daily commitments. Sing N Shock does exactly what it says, while it can be used as a regular radio alarm clock, it is also ideal for those requiring something that is bound to arouse their consciousness with the use of an optional electrical shock pulse.

If you are anything like me getting up in the morning can be a real issue, especially this time of the year, and we bet you have experimented with different ideas to keep you from returning to the land of snooze. For a long time the best idea was to have the alarm far enough from the bed that you would have to literally get up to turn it off. Snooze buttons put us under a false sense of pretence, and we are sure many of you have uttered the words “five more minutes” then I will get up.

There’s nothing worse than having to rush to work and waking up to the sound of music can be a nice way to start off the day, giving sleepy heads the chance to start off the day to their favorite tune, although waking up to your most hated artist can sometimes have the opposite affect. With Sing N Shock, the choice is there or you can start the day with both music and an electrical pulse shock that triggers neurological functions.

The Sing N Shock alarm clock detailed on is an attractive device with a touch interface and comes in a variety of different colors with an optional shock button on the top, which is perfect for those of you that require a few milli volts to trigger your consciousness. Have you found the alarm clock you have been looking for with Sing N Shock? Maybe this could be a life-changing device that will stop your boss from tapping his watch every morning.

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Written by Marlon Votta

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