Drones suffer Mafia games virus, common malware

A common malware issue may have caused the recent issue with US Air Force drones, a little like a Mafia Wars games virus. In one respect you have to worry how could these assets come under such attack, but in another it is a relief that the malware wasn’t designed with just the intended target in mind. How embarrassing would it be if this were the case?

There is still cause for concern though, as the virus managed to infiltrate ground control systems, which are used to supple backup power, workstations and also environmental controls. However, NPR said that that’s not the worst of it; the common malware also studied user keystrokes to try and gather password details.

You may wonder what the virus has to do with the game mentioned above, well it seems as though it could originate from those who play the games like Mafia Wars. One would assume that these kinds of things could never happen, but when computer systems are involved anything can happen — no matter how tight you think that your firewall is.

The common malware in question is called Key Logger, and does what it says, logs a user’s keystrokes. If this kind of information were obtained by outside sources, then the consequences would be unimaginable, as they could even take control of a drone; just remember that many of these are armed and could cause a huge amount of devastation.

We expect that Air Force officials are now drilling those who were in control of these drones, and to ask why they had been playing games like Mafia Wars on the same system.

Written by Peter Chubb

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because they were playing mafia wars stupid that why he said mafia wars….and to be exact it was mafia wars 2 the new release in recent weeks. Zynga has NO liable case it has been found & traced back to MW2…you may want to educate yourself on the subject before you run off at the mouth on a subject you seem to know nothing about. there are 100’s are news articles related to this article that provide more infomation. So stop being SUE happy & get a life…I bet you are just sitting around waiting for something to happen so… Read more »

woody s

I am a bit confused, why did the author single out “Mafia Wars” when there are a multitude of online web based games that could do the same thing? He could have just said “online games hacks” and been done with it. The makers of “Mafia Wars” may consider this a “liable” issue.

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