Driver: San Francisco, first impressions on multi-player modes

Driver is a game that for years, has had to stand up with its bitter rivals in the driving simulator genre. From GTA to GT5, Driver has always just fallen short of what is expected of a fast-paced driving game, but from the looks of things, Driver: San Francisco could become the pack leader with its exceptional multiplayer modes including; “Tag” and “Capture the Flag.”

What’s that you say? Capture the Flag? In a car game? All will be explained, so just fasten your seatbelt while we take you through it.

First of all, we want to talk about Tag mode. Now as dull as it sounds, the guys at Ubisoft have made sure that it wont just be a couple of cars forever chasing one car to become “it,” no, they have added extra mechanics that make such things as Tag and Capture the Flag possible.

Introducing Shift. Shift is an entirely new mechanic that makes you feel like you are an agent from the Matrix, where by you can “Shift” from car to car, taking control of each one as you teleport to it, without actually getting out of the car. It’s kinda like a key-fob, you always focus your eyes and zoom onto your car, press a button and viola, the car is open. But imagine doing this, but instead of unlocking the car doors, you insta-port inside it. This is the mechanic that Driver has solely built itself around. Like it, love it, embrace it.

Now that Shift is out of the way, explaining the new Tag mode will be a lot simpler. There will always be one person who is “it,” but that will change as the time goes on, and other players strategically plan which car to take which will give them the best chance of a collision, resulting in them becoming “it,” but also then getting away from the rest of the pursuers. In heinsight, there is no point in Shifting to a heavy lorry that can smack seven bails of hay out of the “it” players 2006 Ford GT as it comes up to a junction. Yea, it will be fun, but now try and get away. All in all, Tag mode sounds like fun, and we for one cannot wait to try it out.

According to Ubisoft, Driver will come with a total of eleven online modes and eight split-screen two player modes, which by far sounds enough to keep even the smallest driving fans happy. Other modes include Capture the Flag, which you can probably imagine now that the Shift mechanic has been explained. Cops and Robbers is also another fan-favourite in the list.

There is really not enough time to explain all of the online modes, but VG247 have it pretty wrapped up if you want to take a look at what they think of Driver: San Francisco.

Driver will launch on August 30 in the US, and September 2 in Europe for PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A Wii version with different storyline and gameplay is also due to come out at a yet undisclosed date.

Are you looking forward to playing Tag? We haven’t been this excited since we were kids.

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