Dragon Age 2 Review: 6 Pros and 11 Cons

Following the release of Dragon Age 2 it has been met with a lot of negative feedback, and while the game is good as an action RPG, we are getting reports that DA2 falls short for depth, which is just what a game like this needs.

Check out the pros and cons below that are thanks to one tipster (Maran), and let us know what you think about both the positive and negative, and feel free to give your overview of Dragon Age 2.

1, Humor, the companions had some great lines!
2, Return of a few old faces but once again few major parts for loved characters. Thankfully the new characters are quite a lot of fun, but lack any what you would call evil characters. Chaotic Neutral at best.
3, Somewhat more balanced classes, with melee two hander’s being the new arcane mages. You can still make tank mages, when you understand how overpowered AOE is generally and how blood magic can also become overpowered once again.
4, Generally speaking if you just want to blow off some steam and not care about what you are killing or why, it is an enjoyable experience in maybe 30-minute bursts.
5, Interface is fine. There are some small odd bugs with character faces or camera angles being limited so it works and is practical.
6, Couple of great quests amongst the many terrible ones. The Serial killer quest was an example of what Dragon Age Origins was in many ways, a small glimpse of greatness.

1, Repetitive Areas, which limit the desire to finish the quests let alone replay anything.
2, Limited Armor selection, making for more basic gameplay. AOE everything equals win, making for completely mindless combat unless you are playing on nightmare.
3, Your quest choices don’t affect the story, they just add fluff; it is tough to shake the feeling and that is the biggest disappointment of all. This problem is even more exaggerated with the reuse of areas.
4, No real ending for the companions we’d spent 50 hours or so with, what happened to anyone? No Epilogue, no closure. Knowing Bioware they won’t wrap this up in the sequel either as we’ll have all new characters.
5, Bad pacing and quest design at times. This was hinted above, the serial killer quest finding your mother is a great quest and an example of feeling compelled to finish it. As an example of bad pacing, I’d finished quests before being told I had them, which in my first hour or two confused the hell out of me. Pick up an item in an office and talk to a random NPC – then I’d been rewarded with no idea I had a quest or any dialogue except a thank you, bizarre.
6, A further example of pacing problems, waves of enemies making all fights feel the same, bar one or two boss battles which thankfully break up the repetitive AOE, AOE, AOE, Heal (Maybe or just yawn), AOE combat.
7, Too few healer NPCs.
8, No Mod Support to fix the above or give us replay value, which this title really needs help with being set in the same landscapes. With Mod tools people could have fixed the waves and perhaps opened up a few new areas but no dice.
9, Reusing the same concepts all the way through the game. (Bandit Waves), (Demons, Demons, Demons), (Mages and Templar’s are all insane, You won’t find much attachment to any of them, and to be honest an option to kill them both at the end of it all was needed. At the end of it all though it doesn’t matter a bit, as it all players the same anyway).
10, Less interaction with companions, and instead being forced to run around the city (Again) just to talk to them.
11, There is not an area of the game that was made more complex, engaging or added any depth, not one.

Do you agree with the pros and cons listed above? Let us know your thoughts on Dragon Age 2.

Thanks Maran

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