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Dragon Age 2: Forbidden Knowledge Quest Guide Video

Our Dragon Age 2 mini guide articles seem to have been pretty popular with our readers, therefore we thought we would write another one today this time we thought we would show you how to complete the Forbidden Knowledge quest.

Firstly we do not take credit for this guide as we are simply giving you a run through of a guide video which was uploaded on YouTube by JV2017gameplay, we have embedded this video at the end of this post.

Firstly you must go to your writing desk and accept the ‘Night Terrors’ quest, when you select your party ensure that you do not choose Merrill, once you have chosen your party go to The Chantry, go up the stairs to the left and then take a left and find the Evil Tome, select it and then choose to destroy the book, you will be forced into battle.

Next you should go to the Viscount’s Keep, head east and you will find another tome, destroy the book and then win the battle, after this head to The Bone Pit here you must head into the cave and then on the left you will find another tome, again destroy the book and win the battle.

The next part of the quest requires you to go to The Wounded Coast, go straight ahead and you will come across the Dank Cave, another tome will be found here, destroy the book and then win the battle. After this you must go to Sundermount, find the recently opened passage, find the evil tome, destroy the book and win the battle.

Finally you must head to Darktown, the Forbidden Knowledge quest should now show, if you follow the route shown in the video below you will find Fell Grimoire, again destroy the book and you will have to fight a Desire Demon, the boss will summon of Rage Demons, Abominations and a Revenant, which makes it a hard battle, therefore ensure you have plenty of health potions, you will probably need to loot some during the battle.

The video embedded below is a lot easier to follow than written instructions, let us know if the guide helped you to complete the Forbidden Knowledge Quest.

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