Yelp down, website not working with DNS error

Users now depend on services such as Yelp just as they would their mobile phone, broadband being connected or Facebook being up and running. That means when Yelp is down or the website is not working, all hell breaks loose as consumers run riot on trying to find out when Yelp servers are back up.

At least Yelp know how to joke about it. When a Yelp outage is on, you may see a ‘Dog ate our website’ message, which is kind of hilarious when you think about it – who else would be so brave as to poke fun of their own services when so many users rely on them to be up at all times?


Is Yelp down for you on the website or app on Thursday May 30, 2024 and showing the same DNS error as above? Leave your status here and check back on this page for the latest updates from the team and see if Yelp is down in a particular area thanks to user feedback.