Is Wave Broadband down? Current Status

Wave Broadband problems mainly impact California, Oregon, and Washington due to these being the coverage areas for this provider. Services offered include telephone, broadband internet, and cable TV to not only residential, but also business customers in the said regions of the United States that total over 400,000 users.

One of the most common issues on a daily basis is with Wave Broadband with services reported down by thousands, although this isn’t always the case due to some local network and WiFi problems. When there’s a large outage, then you will notice hundreds of Wave broadband status updates below, so you’ll know it’s not just you experiencing issues.


Is Wave Broadband down on Monday April 15, 2024? Whether you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Oregon, or Washington state, let us know about any problems you have today below. You should see other feedback when an outage strikes, so feel free to help others and spot patterns by location and city. If you have a problem, remember to leave your location with as much information.

If the Wave Broadband status changes and official statements are given, then you will find the details below with an editor update. Also, track user reports on this page and leave your own.