Thorpe Park website down for maintenance

The Thorpe Park website is used to showcase all of this theme parks rides and also, to purchase tickets. When promotions are on, such as the Thorpe Park 12p tickets we could see servers go down and the website enter maintenance.

This is purely due to promotions and needed promo codes being in such a demand, the website servers cannot cope with the traffic. In other website maintenance schedules it will be planned, so then you can expect services to return at a set time.


Is the Thorpe Park website down on Wednesday July 24, 2024 for you? If so, you might need to keep trying due to too many connections and you might get lucky. If a Thorpe Park site maintenance error message is displaying, then we could see the servers and website down all day today.

Detail any errors you see below, or see if you’re not alone with problems from other status updates.