Southwest Airlines computers down or check in problems

Major delays can take place when Southwest Airlines computers are down and this can impact customer service calls, the online website, and also a computer glitch could cause Southwest Airlines check in problems and status updates. Such issues should be rare, but when they take place then a number of services will cause a lot of frustration for those traveling with this airline.

This major United States airline has been established for many years and such experience should help when problems strike. If you are unhappy about any aspect of their service, or you notice issues with the Southwest Airlines website after a computer glitch, then we’d love to hear exactly what’s wrong below to let others know they are not alone. You will also see other status updates during larger glitches and outages.


Is Southwest Airlines computers down, or are there check in problems on Thursday July 25, 2024? Our editors will report any major computer glitch with this low-cost carrier and aim to offer a flight status update when official statements are left. If you see problems or comments on official channels, then leave details below.