Sky broadband problems when not working

Sky broadband continues to be one of the most popular choices of ISP in the UK, especially when customers can’t live without their TV packages and need to combine broadband in order to get a better deal.

However, when Sky internet is not working it often happens by surprise and at the time when you need it working the most. When Sky broadband is down for you, you can tell Sky about your problems on Twitter here, although this page will be useful for you too whenever a live outage occurs.


Sky broadband problems in the UK do happen from time to time each month, so be sure to tell us which areas are suffering from outages to give us a heads-up.

Is Sky broadband and fibre internet down and not working for you on Thursday July 25, 2024? Report your service status below and tell us which area is affected so we can track how widespread Sky internet outages are.