Simpsons Tapped Out server down

The Simpsons Tapped Out is a popular game on iOS and Android by EA Mobile, although if the server is down it will likely take both iPhone and Android devices offline. Any downtime will be felt by thousands, maybe millions, so making sure The Simpsons Tapped Out servers don’t stay down for long is key to players sticking around.

There could also be problems with the Simpsons video game on just Android, or iOS, due to a recent update that causes crashing or other issues. These types of glitches and bugs would need further updates to fix.


Is The Simpsons Tapped Out server down on Sunday June 23, 2024? If you currently have problems playing this game on your mobile device, then status updates should be found from both Android and iOS owners below. This is especially the case during major outages, although leave your current issues to help others notice reasons for not being bale to play online.