Samsung Smart TV Hub down or problems

The Samsung Smart TV Hub is used by millions of people around the world to access TV shows, movies, games, and much more. The software has gone through a few changes with more powerful hardware in the latest TVs, or by software updates, but each revision can still be impacted when the Samsung Smart TV Hub is down and runs into problems.

We have seen the Samsung Smart TV Hub run slow in the past and the online status change when global, or local, servers are not working. Users might also have password issues, a web browser problem, or even find one Samsung Smart TV working but another with loads of glitches. There’s also times when the HDMI ports lose connection and state “no signal”, which could be related to power needing to be switched off for around 10 minutes, or even server issues.


Is the Samsung Smart TV Hub down on Thursday April 18, 2024? If you have problems with your television today, then leave the model and details in regard to the issue below. You will be able to connect with other Samsung Smart TV owners via this page, or see Smart TV Hub status updates from our editors and the Product Reviews community.